10 best TV shows currently airing, according to IMDb

From the moment HBO started producing its own original content, television entered a golden age and has improved since then. Over the past three decades, television has grown from a poor imitation of cinema to showing cinematic quality series with such regularity that it has become the norm.

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There are now more awesome TVs than ever before. Show as The Wire, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad represent the best of what the small screen is capable of, but these shows have already wrapped up their tours. What current drama series deserves so much (if not more) attention that a hungry TV audience should flock before it ends?

ten Billions combines real drama with fiction – 8.4

show time Billion has been a smash hit since its launch in 2016. The series follows Bobby Axelrod, a self-styled hedge fund king who is constantly looking for new, more shadowy ways to grow his company’s profits.

This ultimately puts him in the sights of Chuck Rhoades, a New York attorney who has a problem with people abusing the law through their enormous wealth. Billion is based on real life events, with several characters even being based on specific individuals to add some realism to its stories. Billion is in its sixth season, with season six airing in January 2022.

9 Doctor Who is the longest-running sci-fi series of all time – 8.6

Doctor Who is the the longest-running sci-fi series of all time. Although Doctor Who is meant to be aimed at children, the nature of its storytelling allows people of all ages to be drawn into the mystery, danger and wonder of each episode. Doctor Who follows The Doctor, an alien with a time machine who travels through time and space with a human companion, incurring all kinds of trouble.

The Doctor can also change form if he “dies,” meaning the lead actor can be replaced when the current actor gets tired, theoretically allowing the series to continue indefinitely. Since Doctor Who back in 2005, he’s still more popular, even though he’s already changed the Doctor’s face four times.

8 The crown is a dramatic tale from Queen Elizabeth II – 8.6

Margaret, Elizabeth and Phillip in The Crown

that of the Crown success is due in large part to mankind’s continued obsession with royal society. The crown follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, beginning in 1947 with her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh. Each season covers a different period, allowing The crown focus on societal changes and major real-world events – from the Suez Crisis in 1956 to Margaret Thatcher’s rise in the 1980s. The fourth season is somehow more popular than ever, and the seasons to come will cover the queen in the modern era.

7 Succession shows that being rich does not guarantee a perfect life – 8.7

Gerri and Roman plot in Succession

Far too many TV shows are proud to show how awesome it is to be rich, but Succession is one of the few to show that the grass isn’t always greener and that the rich often lead tasteless and empty lives.

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Succession follows the Roys, a family with incredible wealth who try to gain prominence as they realize their father is on the verge of passing away, leaving a power vacuum in their business. In Succession’In the third season, fans found themselves mesmerized by dark humor and characters who have endless wealth but no responsibility.

6 Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s greatest hits – 8.7


Strange things has long been one of Netflix’s most popular series, taking the place of Card castle as the first Netflix franchise. Strange things takes place in the 1980s, in a small town in Indiana after a young boy goes missing and a bunch of other weird things start to happen. Strange things is loved as much for its characters as it is for the countless references to 1980s pop culture – like popular games and movies. The third season drew 40 million people who watched the show in the first four days of its launch.

5 Yellowstone is Paramount Network’s top performing show – 8.7


Star-studded cast with Kevin Costner as main protagonist makes Paramount Network Yellowstone one of the most popular series on IMDb. Yellowstone centers around the Dutton family, who own the largest ranch in all of the United States. The main protagonist is John Dutton, who does his best to keep control of the ranch within the family. Yellowstone This is currently in its fourth season and is more popular than ever, with its first season attracting 8.38 million viewers and being one of the most-watched single episodes since 2018.

4 Boys bring dirt to the world of superheroes – 8.7

The Seven on a break

Amazon Prime has managed to find huge success with The boys, who follows a group of vigilantes who track down superheroes known to abuse their powers. The boys presents a different take on superheroes – a deconstruction of the concept itself, as every hero looks like superhero fictional characters, only all of them are morally bankrupt.

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Everything DC and Marvel shy away from being family friendly – from profanity and sex to gratuitous violence – are all present in The boys. Unsurprisingly, fans have turned up in droves to support this totally different take on the storytelling of the capes. After his second seasons, The boys has already been renewed for a third season.

3 Ted Lasso is a refreshing and heartwarming change of pace – 8.8

Ted barbe roy

Ted lasso is a delightful change from the usual cynical dramatic comedies that dramatic comedies have faced over the past twenty years. Ted lasso talks about an American football coach hired to coach a Premier League team in England by his new owner. Although Ted Lasso doesn’t know anything about football, he cares about the people he coaches and his behavior manages to convince those around him. Ted lasso is currently two seasons away, and the second season is sort of as strong as the first, a rare case in an industry where second year meltdowns are common.

2 Peaky Blinders is the British promenade empire – 8.8

Peaky Blinders is the story of the Peaky Blinders gang in Birmingham, England, just after the end of WWI. The main character is their boss, Tommy Shelby, who suddenly has to face a Chief Inspector trying to clean up the town. Peaky Blinders has been going on for five seasons, each dealing with periods that were important parts of the early 20e history of the century. Essentially a UK version of Boardwalk Empire, the series was one of the BBC’s biggest hits, even moving from BBC Two to BBC One.

1 Dexter: New Blood brings back TV’s deadliest protagonist after 10 years – 9.4

Dexter is alone on a snowy night.

The original Dexter was one of the most popular series of the 2000s, and one of Showtime’s best shoes of all time – until the end, with a final season generally considered to be one of the worst televisions of the era. modern. Corn Dexter: new blood has so far made up for mistakes from last season. Set ten years after the original series, Dexter Morgan has managed to find peace living as Jim Lindsay, a merchant from the quiet town of Iron Lake. He even managed to quell his serial killer urges for nearly a decade. Of course, with a new series comes new reasons for Dexter to revert to his old ways.

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