10 DC Heroes Who Are Getting Stronger And Stronger

DC’s superheroes are some of the most powerful around, but it wasn’t always that way. Many superheroes started out much weaker than they are, with notable examples like Superman’s powers being completely different. While Superman has grown weaker over the years, especially recently, the powers of the other heroes have steadily grown, improving exponentially over time.

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Some of them grew in their power, becoming better and better. Others have found their powers to be greater than they ever imagined, while some have acquired completely new powers over the years. Their higher power levels made all the difference in the process.

ten Stargirl has had many upgrades

Stargirl began her superhero career as the Stars, using the Cosmic Conversion Belt of her stepfather’s former partner, the Star-Spangled Kid. She would master its use, both with her stepfather STRIPES and as a member of the JSA. Jack Knight, the then current Starman, decided to retire and gave him the Cosmic Staff which was his family’s heirloom.

The Cosmic Stem made Stargirl even more powerful than she was before. She quickly became one of the greatest heroines of her generation, sharing her knowledge and experience with the other young members of the Justice Society. She’s always been a star, which made her name all the more apt.

9 Alan Scott’s powers have completely changed

Alan Scott Green Lantern Infinite Frontier

Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern, although his ring is unrelated to the one created by Oan that Hal Jordan later wore. Her ring was revealed to be a manifestation of the Starheart, and this changed Alan immensely. The Starheart eventually became a part of him, which kept him young over the years and made him the greatest power in the Justice Society.

Alan’s life was completely different with the Starheart now a part of him, and he no longer had the limitations he once had. Alan became functionally immortal, as he didn’t even really have a corporeal body anymore, just one formed from Starheart energy. He became the Starheart, and his energy was his to use for anything.

8 Sandy Hawkins went from helpless sidekick to sand man

It's been anything but sweet dreams for Sandman sidekick Sandy Hawkins over the past 80 years

Sandy Hawkins has had a long career as a superhero. Starting out as Sandy the Golden Boy, he teamed up with the Golden Age Sandman, aiding him and the original JSA in missions. During one of these missions, he was transformed into a silica monster. The team defeated him and put him in stasis until they could help him.

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After his mentor died, they were able to figure him out and he became Sands. He gained the ability to control the Earth, becoming a powerful geomancer. Eventually, he would take the name Sandman, like his mentor, and gain even greater mastery of his powers.

seven Red Hood is much stronger than he was as Robin

Jason Todd Batman Red Riding Hood

Jason Todd has changed a lot since his return to life. Resurrected by Talia al Ghul, she added to her previous training as Robin. He’s become a far more formidable fighter, rivaling anyone in the Bat-Family. He also grew stronger and mastered a variety of weapons, all of which came in handy when he went after Batman for never avenging his death.

Red Hood eventually made peace with Batman and joined his compatriots in the Bat-Family. He proved to be one of the toughest members, using his great skill to become an even bigger hero than he had ever been.

6 Cyborg got a major upgrade from New 52


Originally, Cyborg was essentially the muscle of the New Teen Titans, the team’s most effective tank. He more than proved his worth as a hero, but once it was announced that he was going to be part of the New 52 Justice League, changes were in order for the hero. His origin changed and he was bonded to a Mother Box to become Cyborg, gaining many new powers.

He would have greater control over his form, allowing him to manifest more weapon types, could control the technology around him, be stronger and more durable, and could manifest arrow tubes. Cyborg got a major update.

5 The Animal Man’s powers make him more formidable than his name suggests

Animal Man is one of the underrated Justice Leaguers of all time. His powers have grown tremendously over the years. The Guardian of Red is a Swamp Thing level power in the world. He is able to tap into the morphogenetic realm and take on the powers and attributes of any animal on Earth and beyond.

His abilities have helped him tremendously over the years. He has been a member of the Justice League more than once and was also part of Justice League Dark for a time. His powers were much simpler than they are now, and they have improved over the years. Animal Man’s name might be a little lame, but his powers are amazing.

4 Kyle Rayner is one of the most powerful Lanterns of all time

White Lantern Kyle Rayner 1

Kyle Rayner took the Green Lantern ring and defeated the corrupt Hal Jordan, saving the Corps and cementing himself as a legend in Green Lantern Corps history. Eventually, he had become the host of the Ion Will Entity, gaining incredible power. Although this would not last, he would also gain the power of the White Lantern, allowing him to tap into all types of light from the emotional spectrum.

Kyle Rayner has risen from humble roots to become one of the most powerful Lanterns in any corps. Although he is no longer at the forefront of the Corps, he is still easily one of the best.

3 Tempest’s magic makes him more fearsome than ever

Garth as Tempest the Sorcerer

Sidekicks gain power all the time; just ask Garth from Atlantis. As Aqualad, Garth was one of the original Teen Titans, but his powers weren’t exactly great. He had the increased strength and durability of an Atlantean, but that was about it. After his time with the Teen Titans, he gained powers that made him a much better hero.

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Tempest has mastered Atlantean magic and has become one of the Sunken City’s most valiant defenders. This made him a much more multifaceted threat, and he took on the name Tempest to show how much more powerful he’s become.

2 Wally West is the most powerful flash

Wally West had rather humble beginnings as Kid Flash and became the greatest Flash of them all. His mastery of the Speed ​​Force is unparalleled. He may not generate it like Barry Allen, but he is the most efficient user of it. He is the fastest being on Earth by a comfortable margin, and there are few beings who can match him.

Wally’s powers have greatly increased. They weakened for a while, causing him to stop being a superhero for a while, but leveled off after his Uncle Barry died. Since then, they have remained on an upward path and he is now one of the most powerful heroes on the planet.

1 Jon Kent’s powers grew as he progressed from Superboy to Superman

Jon Kent, aka the new Superman, saves refugees from Gamorra in Superman: Son of Kal-El

Jon Kent has gone through many changes over the years. He grew up a lot, surviving years of imprisonment on Earth-3 before returning as a teenager and joining the Legion of Super-Heroes. His powers have also increased and he can do things that even his father could never do. This is not the end, however, as his powers will continue to grow as he does.

His powers have already eclipsed his father’s weakening abilities, and he has become Superman, protecting the Earth. He’s only just begun his journey as Superman, and it’s unclear where he’ll end up.

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