10 Strongest Xbox Characters, Ranked

While Xbox might not quite have the history of PlayStation or Nintendo, it’s still been around for twenty years now. Across four consoles, they’ve been driving some pretty amazing experiences in video games. Whether it’s what Halo did for console first-person shooters or how Xbox was responsible for bringing HD gaming to fans around the world, Microsoft’s contribution is undeniable.

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During this time, they also created some pretty awesome characters. Some of them are obvious, while others are from franchises that some people have never even played. Like any big console developer, they have a lot of cool characters from their dealings with third-party companies.

ten Marcus Fenix ​​defeated the leader of an alien invasion attacking Earth

The main protagonist of armament of war franchise for four installments, Marcus Fenix ​​has nothing to play with. He is a legendary soldier who has seen and done it all. He led his party into battle against the Locusts and even defeated their queen in hand-to-hand combat. He’s the kind of warrior people talk about in whispers, refusing to believe that even half of his accolades could belong to one person. Although the character is no longer the lead with Kait Diaz taking over, Marcus still deserves respect for leading the franchise through an entire trilogy and then a few.

9 Frank West fought off multiple hordes of zombies

Dead Rising 4

Capcom’s dead risen is often exclusive to Xbox, both on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Frank has varying levels of power, although the fact that he survived many the zombie games themselves make it almost superhuman. But at the end of the last game, Frank is actually turned into a zombie with powers greater than the average zombie. He has incredible speed and strength and can use a Black Canary-like scream to incapacitate humans and zombies. Of course, he doesn’t retain these powers, as he is healed in the end and can resume his life as a human.

8 Geralt spent decades as a monster hunter

The Witcher 3 is cross-platform, but The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was an Xbox 360-exclusive console as it was too difficult to transfer to PlayStation at the time. Therefore, Geralt is a valid candidate for the strongest Xbox character.

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Geralt is one of the most powerful wizards who ever lived. Because he was able to face the trial of herbs, he was experimented with further, increasing his abilities beyond even the average witcher. In his time as a witcher, Geralt achieved fame for his deeds with everyone from witches to royalty.

seven Jago is a monk with a secret power

This killer instinct The character can technically be called the “protagonist” of the series. Trained by monks and overwhelmed by the power of an evil tiger spirit, Jago enters the Killer Instinct tournament to defeat UltraTech. Unfortunately, this causes him to awaken the power of Gargos within. Despite his quest to be a centered warrior, Jago’s control over this energy can wane, which turns him into Shadow Jago. Jago’s incredible power makes him one of the most powerful people in the world. killer instinct universe.

6 Razputin Aquato has a wide variety of mental powers at his disposal

Psychonauts 2 Razputin

the Psychonauts the universe fell into Xbox’s hands when they bought the Double Fine studio, making the Psychonauts protagonist Razputin one of their own. Razputin is a young psychic who joined the Psychonauts as a trainee but displays incredible abilities. Razputin’s exposure to Psitanium increases his abilities several times. He can use these powers to move objects with telekinesis or unleash psychic energy blasts, he can set things on fire, and is even able to slow time around enemies. Not bad for a kid just starting to learn his powers.

5 Ryu Hayabusa is a superhuman ninja with powerful elemental abilities

the Gaiden ninja the series went to Xbox after being dormant since its move to NES, making the console its home with the Ninja Gaiden Black series. Ryu Hayabusa is a legendary ninja who masters hand-to-hand and weaponized martial arts. He relies on the power of the Dragon Sword in battle, a weapon created by the dragons themselves and molded from one of their fangs. Of course, as a ninja he has many other weapons and also has access to a variety of special ninpo techniques, which allow him to channel ice, wind, lightning and fire to aid him in his battles. .

4 Tusk is an immortal swordsman barbarian responsible for defeating a great evil

Killer Instinct Defense

Fighting game lore is always a bit complex, as it’s hard to tell who the most powerful character is at any given time. Arcade mode alone will tell fans that the most powerful character is the one they’re playing with.

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But gameplay/storytelling dissonance aside, killer instincts Tusk is an immortal who has lived for several thousand years. Tusk was originally responsible for defeating Gargos and locking him up. Since then, although Gargos has grown in power, Tusk still seems to have the best chance of defeating him.

3 Cuphead managed to fight against countless enemies to get his soul

Cuphead and Mugman

It’s hard to keep a good toon. Considering that Cuphead and his brother Mugman have faced an entire army to keep his soul, it’s obvious his problem isn’t a lack of power. He’s armed with his Peashooter bullets to begin with, but he’s been known to change his abilities all the time. He also has several Super Art techniques that can do everything from making him invincible to allowing him to fire a giant beam from his head. No, Cuphead’s weakness isn’t his lack of strength, it’s his gambling addiction.

2 Master Chief fought his way through multiple alien threats to protect humanity

Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite

There shouldn’t be a list of the best Xboxes without Master Chief on it. It’s been the powerhouse of Xbox for decades now, and for good reason. He is the prototypical character of the marine space, defending humanity against multiple threats. It would be easy to attribute Master Chief’s victories to his weapons and armor alone, but games have repeatedly shown that, even without these, he finds a way to survive and win. Halo Infinite sees him rebuild an army from the ground up and always defeat the banished.

1 Revan has access to both sides of the Force.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a title that only made its way to PC and Xbox, so although BioWare isn’t owned by Xbox, the title feels like an Xbox game. Revan was one of the most powerful Force users who ever lived. He could tap into both sides of the Force and had equal talent with both, allowing him to defeat the Sith Empire. And like most Sith, he had power over Force Lightning, but unlike most of them, he was so skilled that he could reflect any Force Lightning used on him back to his opponent. While much of what he’s capable of is no longer canon, Revan’s power will likely be restored soon enough.

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