10 things Vegeta can’t do after becoming a father

Prince Saiyan Vegeta was one of the first Dragon ball z (DBZ) bad guys. Arrogant enemies are a mainstay of Dragon ball frankness, but Vegeta clings to his contempt for “lower beings” longer than most. Whenever the heroic Z Fighters defend Earth from aliens, androids, and the demonic Majin, Vegeta is behind him as he tries to prove how pitiful his allies and enemies are to himself.

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However, Vegeta’s haughty nature changes once he has a son, Trunks, along with the adventurous scientist, Bulma. Vegeta’s relationship with Trunks grows through DBZ and Dragon ball super (DBS). At the same time, Vegeta’s own worldview changes. He becomes incapable of the many actions and beliefs that defined his early characterization.

ten Treat Super Saiyan like legendary

At first DBZ, the concept of a Super Saiyan was that of a mystical legend. When Goku reaches the level of Super Saiyan, he is said to be the first Saiyan in a thousand years to do so. Vegeta goes through extreme training to reach Super Saiyan after Goku and is proud to achieve legendary status as a reward for his efforts.

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However, Trunks reached Super Saiyan as a child and with little effort. Puzzled, Vegeta quickly realizes that the Super Saiyan state is nowhere near as legendary as it once was believed.

9 Treat allies like tools

Nappa praises Vegeta.

The first villains of DBZ are the Saiyans Nappa, Raditz and Vegeta. Although Nappa and Raditz are loyal to him, Vegeta only views his allies as tools to fulfill his dream of immortality. When Nappa begs Vegeta to save him, the prince kills Nappa for showing his weakness rather than helping his longtime ally grow stronger in the future.

However, once Trunks is old enough to train, Vegeta’s character has grown to the point that he happily trains his son. His support is brutal and intense, but Prince Saiyan has realized that it is better to forge allies and rivals rather than seeing them only as tools.

8 Think only about training

Vegeta trains under intense gravity.

Before Trunks was born, Vegeta only cares about training, usually getting past Goku’s current power level. Vegeta’s dedication crosses the border to become an obsession as he breaks his body to grow stronger and stronger. However, at this point in his life, Vegeta has no friends or relatives (apart from his still vicious rivalry with Goku).

In the years since Trunks was born, and later when Bulma becomes pregnant with her and Vegeta’s second child, the prince spends more time with his family. In DBS, Vegeta promises Trunks a trip to an amusement park if the boy hits Vegeta in the face. Though Trunks hurts his father’s pride with this blow, the prince keeps his word. A young Vegeta would never have spent this time with his family.

seven Leaving the planet on a whim

Vegeta looks annoyed to be standing next to a gazebo.

When Bulma tells him that she is pregnant with Trunks, Vegeta leaves the planet to train alone in space, not wanting to take responsibility for Bulma or their child. Until now, Vegeta did not consider his relationship with Bulma to be meaningful, which reveals how Saiyan culture excludes concepts of family, kinship, and romance.

However, as Vegeta spends time on Earth, he forms family bonds with Bulma and Trunks. In the Majin Buu saga – after a jump of seven years – Bulma refers to Vegeta as her husband. It appears the prince stayed on Earth to be with his family rather than flee into space alone as he once did.

6 Put your arrogance first

Vegeta offers Beerus a bowl of takoyaki while Whis watches.

Vegeta’s first defining character trait is arrogance. He believes that he deserves to rule the universe and that those who are weaker than him deserve death. As the series progresses and more powerful warriors than him defeat Vegeta, the prince learns humility. However, being an elite warrior, this humility is rarely put to the test.

Vegeta’s biggest test of self-control is coming DBS when Beerus, god of destruction, arrives at Bulma’s birthday party. Only Vegeta knows Beerus’s identity as an inconstant god who destroys entire planets if they annoy him. Although people tease him for it, Vegeta tilts and scratches Beerus in order to protect Earth. This is perhaps the biggest test of Vegeta’s self-discipline in Dragon ball the story.

5 Despise the concept of loyalty

Super Saiyan Future Trunks attacks Imperfect Cell.

Even until the early days of Trunks’ life, Vegeta rejected the concept that one owed loyalty to one’s allies. This was the time when Vegeta abandoned his son and the mother of his child and only fought for selfish reasons. Meanwhile, an older version of Trunks arrives from the future to warn the Z Fighters of the androids that would destroy the world. Future Trunks struggles to earn Vegeta’s respect, but Prince Saiyan refuses to recognize his worth.

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This all changes when Perfect Cell kills Future Trunks, eliciting a visceral reaction from Vegeta. For the first time in his life, the prince experiences the pain and protective rage of losing a loved one. From this point on, Vegeta understands and values ​​loyalty to his allies, even though he rarely expresses it.

4 Imagine that Goku is not his friend

Vegeta stands next to Goku.

At first DBZ, Goku represents everything Vegeta hates. The prince sees Goku as a cheeky, low-class warrior – a weakling who died to someone as pathetic as Raditz and foolishly fought to protect others instead of seeking power.

As Goku continues to outdo Vegeta during the Frieza Saga, the prince’s rage towards Goku burns even more. However, as the two train in parallel towards similar goals of becoming stronger, Vegeta grows up respecting Goku as a rival and, later, as an ally. By learning to value the relationships he shares with his wife and son, Vegeta synthesizes this with his respect for Goku and ultimately treats him like a friend.

3 Rely on your own strength

Super Saiyan God Vegito prepares to use Instant Transmission.

The first Vegeta would rather die than let another save him. Even Goku sparing his life deals a sickening blow to Vegeta’s ego. Of course, the prince suffers little from conflict between his philosophy and bullying others into giving him healing and other resources.

However, once Vegeta fights for his family, he teams up with Goku in a way he never would have had as a young Saiyan. This culminates in Vegeta’s willingness to merge with Goku to obtain the Gogeta and Vegito forms – a sacrifice of the prince’s precious individuality.

2 Believe he is the strongest Saiyan

Majin Vegeta smiles.

No matter how many times Goku outshines Vegeta in DBZ, Prince Saiyan clings to the idea that he is the most powerful Saiyan warrior. However, upon seeing Super Saiyan 3 Goku fighting Kid Buu, Vegeta realizes that Goku is a better warrior than him. Vegeta reflects on how he once believed that Goku’s love for his family gave him strength. However, after starting his own family, the prince admits that it is not the secret of Goku’s power.

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Vegeta’s reaction to this realization is fascinating compared to his previous fits of rage at the very idea of ​​someone being more powerful than him. Instead, Vegeta watches with a proud smile as Goku fights the most powerful enemy they have ever faced. Although proud, Vegeta learns through fatherhood to invest that pride in his friends and family.

1 Let Goku save the world

Majin Vegeta charges the final explosion.

Goku is usually the one who saves the world. This changes when Majin Buu attacks Earth while Goku is dead. As Trunks and Goten plead with Vegeta to let them fight Buu, the prince realizes that there is only one chance to save the world. Vegeta tells Trunks he’s proud of him and loves him, knocks him out and Goten, and sends them away. Another character points out that Vegeta will not receive a Hero Reward in the Next World, but Prince Saiyan no longer cares.

While the act turns out to be insufficient to destroy Majin Buu, Vegeta’s final explosion is one of the most iconic moments in Dragon ball the story. Time, arrogant Vegeta gives his own life for the rest of the world to live on. The prince’s last words before this act reveal the truth: “Trunks … Bulma … I’m doing this for you.” And yes, even for you, Kakarot.

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