10 tips, tricks and things to know for beginners

If you’ve reviewed Paradise Killer and found the description overwhelming – or even downright chaotic with aliens, demons, and Council members building a utopia every millennium or so – you might want to better understand what to expect before diving in. Or maybe you’ve started the game, only to find that you don’t know where to focus your attention first and are looking for expert tips to get to the bottom of the matter.

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Obviously, some information would spoil the game; it is a murder mystery, after all. That said, there are a few tricks that will make getting started a lot easier, especially with a murderer on the loose.

ten Save, save, save!

Paradise Killer interrogating Shinji

The first thing you need to know about Paradise Killer is that there is no autosave. Unlike most modern games, Paradise Killer requires you to save your progress at save points. There are plenty of save points scattered around the island, but they must be discovered in order to use them.

To find the save points on the island, you’ll want to use some of your time to find them all, that way when you start your investigation you’ll always have one nearby to keep your information.


9 Go on a hike


In order to find all the save points, you need to explore the island, so before talking to anyone, go around it. Not only will this unlock the save points, but you’ll have a better understanding of the location of people and places on the island.

You’ll also earn relics as you navigate the area, and relics will give you knowledge to use later when collecting evidence. The better you know the locations on the map, the easier it will be for you to jump from place to place to gain knowledge and search for clues.

8 Look for blood crystals

Paradise Killer Talk to Yuri Night

As you move around the map, you may spot chests or similar items with a pinkish tint. These usually contain Blood Crystals, which you’ll want to collect to use to fast travel from one location to another.

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Along with giving you teleport benefits, you can use Blood Crystals to upgrade items and intel during your game, so the more you collect, the better off you’ll be, especially at first.

7 Stay focused on the task


When you start fast traveling around the island, be sure to only teleport to areas that are closest to people you need to talk to next, or places you need to investigate immediately to advance your case. Jumping uses Blood Crystals, so you don’t want to waste them on unnecessary back and forth.

If you’re not planning on teleporting, feel free to move around and get distracted, but if you do, staying focused on the task is the best way to avoid wasting your crystal stash.

6 spend your money

Paradise Killer Art

Money is scattered all over the map, hidden in various places, so don’t waste your money. You’ll come across many situations where using your money will be useful or absolutely necessary, which means you might be making the wrong decision to avoid spending it if you don’t know you can find more.

At the very beginning, money is especially important because your resources are scarce. You’ll feel like you don’t have enough to cover all your needs, but spend it anyway if you need it – there’s probably more literally around the corner.

5 Don’t be afraid to fall

Paradise Killer Mountain Gorge Again

Paradise Killer has no fall damage, which is probably the most perfect utopian aspect there is. Having no fall damage is incredibly useful when you want to take shortcuts. Like most islands, there are tons of cliffs and steep slopes you can fall off of, so you might skip or run carelessly.

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You will also eventually get a double jump action which allows you to fly halfway. Having no fall damage will also be a huge relief once you get this upgrade.

4 No bad questions


Unlike some detective games, Paradise Killer has no penalty for asking a “wrong” question during an interview. It’s really in your best interest to ask every available question of each person to gather as much information as possible.

If you don’t want to get lost in intrigue or waste time, feel free to follow whatever line of questioning you want. This gives you the option to come back later and chat, or explore gameplay variations another time.

3 You can assign your tasks

Paradise Killer Syndicate Apartments again

You have the help of ‘Starlight’, the laptop/assistant of detective Lady Love Dies. You can manually assign tasks to yourself, leaving some for Starlight to calculate and connect the dots for you. There are a few advantages to doing this: it makes the game more relaxed, it will make solving murders easier, and it can be used to check that you are on the right track.

If you want to make Paradise Killer easy, you can do that right from the start. If you want to play the game by testing your own deduction skills, you can use this trick when you are unsure about something. Essentially, it’s just an AI assistant.

2 Starlight knows everything

Paradise Killer Lady Love dies

Don’t forget to check Starlight’s augmented vision whenever you meet someone new or gain new knowledge. Starlight contains all the general information about the characters – even the ones you haven’t met – and you can access it at any time.

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Using augmented vision will help speed up the interrogation process since you will already have a working knowledge of each person as you meet them. It will also eliminate some of the effort required to complete the tasks.

1 Play it again, Sam

Paradise Slayer Hint Page

There are multiple endings to Paradise Killer, meaning if you missed something or skipped the dialogue, you can go back and replay the entire game to potentially get an entirely different ending. If you’re the type who wants a solid ending to a mystery, this aspect might bore you, but think of it like the Clue board game – there are plenty of moving parts that make it a new game with every playthrough.

It also means you don’t have to stress yourself out as much when putting your case together. There are no wrong or right answers, which makes it easy to have fun with the story.

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