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Welcome to our comparison of banking and financial products where you can find everything you are looking for to improve your economic situation and get the most out of your checking accounts.

Compare personal loans in a few steps and choose the most convenient for you.
Do you need money urgently? Compare quick credits and mini-credits in just a few clicks.
The best credit and debit cards are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?
Compare and choose the best mortgage to finance your new or second-hand home.
We group in the same Portal the best bank accounts (payroll, remunerated, ...)
Comparison between the most profitable bank deposits according to the term and money.

In the first place, we will specify the benefits of using a financial comparator , taking into account that with one click , you can obtain all the information you want in real time.

Having all the banking products available on the market will allow you to analyze at a glance, which ones are the most convenient according to your financial situation, always bearing in mind that later you will be able to obtain all the information you want from each product by requesting it through our own comparer.

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You don't need to have dozens of tabs open and make a table yourself in a notepad. Just browse our website and find what you need the most. The rest of the work will be done by us.

What can I find in Wttm Lenders?

Everything related to current banking and financial products and more, such as:

Personal loans

ask for loans A basic need if what we want is to acquire products which we cannot pay with our current liquidity. Forget about the classic bank loans and search among the dozens of personal loans that exist today; loans between individuals, the popular mini-credits, consumer loans and quick loans for emergencies that do not let us go at ease at the end of the month.

Compare them by interest rate, grace period, amortization, opening and cancellation fees, as well as the requirements and conditions of each company. All this from our comparator.

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Quick Credits

ask for credits A great need prevailing in our day to day is that we want to request a quick loan . Oriented to families with liquidity problems or people who do not have enough with their income to cover unforeseen needs such as repairs, reforms, events ...

Search among the multitude of fast loans that we have searched for you to find the one that offers you a lower interest and the most optimal conditions in terms of return, cancellation ... All this with just searching and filtering.

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Credit cards

ask for credit cards Why only have the typical debit or credit card? We put at your disposal all the types of cards that banks offer to get the most out of your money while you use them. Loyalty cards, those that accumulate points while you use them and even purse and prepaid cards. You also have all types of credit cards with extras such as discounts in the establishments you usually go to: supermarkets, gas stations ... All of them in the same place and ordered under your own filters.

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apply for mortgage We also have an exclusive section for you to compare and look for the ideal mortgage , either because you are looking for it by the interest rate, by the nature of it or you are thinking of acquiring a type of home that you think could have better conditions at the time to acquire it.

Not only that, but for those who are looking for a debt reunification, they will also find the right and desired product.

Find your mortgage

Bank accounts

bank accounts Inspect the different types of bank accounts that you have at your disposal, taking into account if what you are looking for is to save, direct your payroll and also obtain a return for it, or if you simply want to have something more functional, to cover your expenses routines and direct debit of receipts. In this case, we advise you to look for the bank that will return a percentage of these receipts, since it will be the best option for your pocket.

We put at your disposal the most demanded and best offered bank accounts today and you only have to filter the results according to your preferences. Easy right?

Find your bank account

Bank deposits

here your deposit The savings product par excellence. In our financial comparator you will be able to see the types of bank deposits according to their interest rate, the minimum and maximum term, as well as the limitations regarding the amount to deposit.

Knowing that each user and saver has different ideas, it is difficult to know which deposit is better or more profitable since it depends on the level of risk of each one.

Find your bank deposit

We put at your disposal the best products

As you can see, we bring together all financial products on a single website with the sole purpose of streamlining your procedures as much as possible and you can manage it from a single window.

Not only for the efficiency it is advisable to use a comparator, but for the efficiency it will allow you to find out about everything that is offered today in the financial market. Without leaving home (hence efficient, you save time) and effective, because you can find what you are looking for without wasting too much time.

So we invite you to browse through all our categories, use our search filters and finally find out about everything that is of your concern. All this totally free and from the comfort of your home.

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