Openbank accounts without commissions

Openbank is the electronic banking of Banco Santander , with which the security and reliability of any of its products is assured.

In this case we are talking about the Open Current Account and Open Payroll Account (or account without Payroll) , whose main characteristic is that it does not have any type of commission or maintenance costs. It is the strongest point when we are looking for a checking account with which to operate day after day.

This account is ideal for those who do not have a payroll but need an account for daily movements . In addition to not costing anything to open or close it, there is no minimum amount of money with which you must open this account. Another feature is that you will be entitled to the first 4B MasterCard card totally free. Thanks to it, you can withdraw money at any Banco Santander ATM. It currently has more than 4,500 offices spread throughout the Spanish territory.

openbank accounts

If we continue to list the other characteristics of the OB Operating Current Account, a check book is provided free of charge with which you can enter or withdraw money. In addition, any transfer that is national will not have any cost and you will also receive a confirmation SMS each time you make this movement.

Continuing with the free aspects, this account has no commitment of permanence. So if at any time you decide to close it, you can do it, without giving explanations and also without having to pay a single euro to cancel it.

You may need to direct your payroll to this checking account. If it happened, OpenBank would change your account for a payroll account, in this way you could enjoy all the benefits that this would entail. If instead of direct debit payroll, you need direct debit receipts, they put at your disposal all the necessary advice so that you can do it in the best possible way and always following the comfort line offered by this checking account.

Deposit, transfer and withdraw money totally free

All the operations that you are going to do with your account and 4B MasterCard are totally free. You can withdraw money without costing you money if you do it through the 4B network of Banco Santander's ATMs, which you can find in any city. If, on the other hand, you do it at other 4B ATMs, it will cost 0.75 or the cost that is in effect at that time.

Now, directing your bills, receiving income or making transfers will not entail any additional cost for you, that is when the tranquility, reliability and benefits will be assured thanks to this account designed for those who need to make movements every day.

To request it, you can do it from the comfort of your home, since being an online bank, you can always check your movements and receive monthly summaries in your email or from your administration panel within the Openbank website.

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