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The financing service available to Movistar clients has been providing financing solutions for years to all those who need to make ends meet or pay unforeseen circumstances. This service is none other than the one offered by Movistar in association with banks, if you are eligible to receive one of their loans they will have already contacted you.

And if you are interested in knowing how you can qualify, take a look at the Movistar Money page. In any case, if you are already part of this Movistar customer community, you will be interested in learning more about the details of this service. Changing phone companies is now more attractive than before due to this additional financial products that you can access.


Find the solution to financial solvency problems that need immediate solutions when they arise. Nowadays, it is no longer feasible to wait for bureaucratic procedures to be resolved to find out if you can finance an unforeseen event, today's client needs solutions as immediate as the problems they must face. With the services of MovistarMoney it is possible to obtain medium-amount online loans , from € 600 to € 3000 to return in comfortable installments of 271, 145 or even 105 euros depending on the financing chosen, which can be 12, 24 or 36 installments for that modality.

Movistar's financier has considered a wide number of situations that a client must face. They provide tailor-made solutions in a completely personalized way according to the needs of each person, since no two clients are alike and they know it.

Brief history of Movistar Money

A few years ago, Movistar realized the growing need for financing that its clients demanded, so it took action to provide competitive financial products to those who had already become part of its user community. Thus arose the financing service of the company, Money, being this one more step in front of the need of the clientele. Telefónica Consumer Finance and CaixaBank Consumer Finance are the entities responsible for the financing service known as Movistar Money . These entities have contributed their experience in telephone service and financing, respectively, so that you can receive a quality service at all times.

In short, Movistar Money Loans is a service at the same level as other express mini - credit options with which you will be able to obtain creditworthiness at the precise moment of need. The long waits to process loans are over, here you have urgent solutions for situations that cannot be left for later.

Ask for a loan from Movistar Money

Applying for a loan is simple and agile with this entity. They have developed a method so that you do not have to waste time with the paperwork. The steps to follow are summarized in the following:

  • You will find the personal loan simulation tool on the official website of the entity. With this useful tool you can choose the desired amount and the term for the loan. When you find the right conditions, select the loan and continue with the application steps.
  • Provide your ID and mobile to identify yourself in the application process. You will not be asked for more information than this.
  • Wait for the validation of your personal data to be completed and you will have the money you need. In less than 48 hours, the entire process will be completed and you will already have the money you have requested from the financial company.


The whole process has been optimized so that you have accurate information at each step, but if you have any doubts, you can count on the help of the telephone switchboard. At any time during the process, you have the personalized assistance that customer service has for you during business hours, which are from 8am to 10pm from Monday to Friday and from 10am to 10pm on Saturdays.

Also consult the information on the details of their fast loan services on the official website of the entity at any time to clarify the steps to follow, conditions and facilities that are offered to you because you are a Movistar client.

Advantages with MovistarMoney

Next, we highlight the main financing bonuses that you can get with Movistar Money that make this service stand out from the competition's options.

  • Quick credits are pre-granted with amounts between € 600 and € 3000 . This means that the approval procedures will be shorter than in the case of ordinary loans.
  • The repayment terms are adjustable to the needs of each client, between 12, 24 and 36 months for the return of the fees.
  • The hiring is 100% online from the application to the formalization.
  • You save paperwork and documentation.
  • Ask for loans from your smartphone wherever you are.

In addition, you have the assistance of Movistar to support you in the process at all times. Ultimately, financial services make life easier for many clients every day due to the sheer simplicity of the process. The adaptability to the personal needs of each client and the personalized treatment that you will receive from the contracting of the loan to the resolution of incidents stands out. At MovistarMoney they are committed to differentiating themselves from the competition by improving quality in each section.

What you should know about online loans

Those who have financed a mobile device with Telefónica Consumer Finance are the first to qualify to request loans from Movistar Money, the entity automatically contacts these customers to let them know that they can greatly benefit from the entity's financial products anytime. You can consult the conditions and possibilities of access to these financial services on the Movistar Money page to learn more about the details.

It should be clarified that the request for a loan to the entity does not imply a permanence in the telephone services. In reality, a client can continue to pay the credit without the agreed conditions being altered in the least and carry out a portability or a change of company at any time, since the telephone services are independent.

Movistar Money is a plus that a customer can access in case of need, but it does not imply an additional commitment in telephone fees. Find out about financing offers and start a new project, cover holes or indulge yourself thanks to the liquidity that this entity will provide you. Do not leave these great benefits of online financing personalized 100% for you until tomorrow.

If you need to know more about mini-credits and quick credits you can enter the following sections:

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