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If what you need is to find a personal loan quickly, drastically reducing the time used to obtain them and, also, from the comfort of your home, the best option is cheap personal loans .

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When needing an online loan, the first thing that comes to mind are the banks that offer this kind of products but, just as these entities can offer you more security, they are plagued with endless procedures to guarantee the possibility of credit on-line.

Previously it was the bank, but with the evolution of the networks many online loan services came to light instantly that could speed up the process, giving more convenience to customers.

With the evolution of this sector, traditional banks also began to offer this kind of credit online very quickly, this reflects how people have been using this kind of services more and more.

How to obtain a credit online

Receiving a loan online is very easy and fast. You will only be asked for your contact details to start the process.

Afterwards, you will have to verify your identity through a couple of scanned documents to receive the money in your account. The process is very simple and can be done completely online, it will only take a few minutes.

The ease and flexibility of these online loans is what attracts so many clients who currently need financing. You just have to search for a few minutes to find several featured offers.

In our portal,, you will be able to see the characteristics of several online credits in just a few seconds. Even though finding them is easy and fast, you should spend time reviewing what is available, as well as the new free first loan promotions.

Who can get a loan online

Anyone of legal age who does not have outstanding debts is eligible for one of these online loans.

All you have to do is sign up and follow the steps on the page you decide to use to request the money. In them, you will find all the information of the process explained clearly and concisely.

You should make sure you understand each step correctly before proceeding with the application. Therefore, the first step is to compare the online loan offers in detail before making a final decision.

When will I have the money in my bank account?

Although conventional loans need a study and approval period that can last a few days, with online credits you just need a few minutes to check if the financial institution or lender considers you suitable.

These are practically immediate and you only have to provide your contact information to receive the money online.

Today, you no longer have to go to an office to formalize one of these loans. Actually, online credits are granted through the websites of financial institutions.

In this way you can request money without leaving home when you need it most. The data verification process takes only a few minutes.

In short, they are excellent to get out of a hurry. You can deal with unexpected payments or catch up on some bills. This type of credit is the ideal option to solve all your financing problems from now on.

Fast online loans without paperwork

The documentation that is required in the application for a paperless online loan may vary from one entity to another. It should be noted that these requirements are usually quite strict, so that entities can be sure of who to give a credit online.

Here we show you what documentation is needed to request an online loan without paperwork:

DNI or NIE: your identification, to verify your data.
Bank justification of your income: with this the entities will ensure that you have an adequate income so that you can pay the credit online on the spot on time.
Document that has your bank account number : in this way they will make sure that the account belongs to you.

Online loans on the spot without requirements

These requirements change depending on the page on which you request the loan online instantly, but below we show you the most common requirements, which are not usually as complicated as those of traditional banking entities:

  • Reside in Spain
  • Be of age
  • Have monthly money income
  • Be the owner of a Spanish bank account
  • Have a mobile phone
  • Not appearing in the lists of defaulters with a debt greater than 2000 Euros (or not appearing specifically)

But, what is an online loan?

Let's start with a little history. The origin of the online loan dates back to the times of ancient Rome, with the monetary movement that had been created in that civilization, it was not long before the first guarantors and usurers began to appear.

In Rome, these kinds of services were offered mostly by Jews, since Christians viewed these kinds of transactions with a bad eye. France was the first Christian country to normalize reliable online credit.

On the other hand, online credits are products received by borrowers from a lender, this money received by borrowers must be returned in established terms together with a certain percentage of interest.

In the event that the borrower defaults on the payment of the online loan, he must respond with his own assets, both present and future.

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There is always usually a reason for these fast online credits, from buying a fairly expensive product (like a car) to being able to invest it in a business, since basically you are paying to get money quickly.

Main characteristics of online credits

Its main characteristic is that it is not a small amount of money, it is not quick mini-credits , therefore, as we said before, it is usually requested to finance projects that require higher amounts.

Due to the large amounts of money involved, the repayment term usually consists of years , by paying monthly installments with added interest.

Banks are responsible for offering online loans , normally this requires a large investment of time and resources to prove to the bank that you can pay the credit online in the time established by them.

Although, in recent years the use of the internet to request online loans with specific characteristics has become normal, when it comes to face-to-face banks, the approval or denial of the request may take a few weeks depending on the bank and, if approved, you must sign a contract with it.

It should be noted that there are many types of online loans , which we will talk about below.

Types of online credits

Before entering the matter, let's investigate a little in the current situation.

Despite the multiple announcements in the media by financial institutions that ensure credit with the best conditions, these are the first to have a negative response.

However, due to specific economic situations (see the current economic crisis), our need for credit may be accentuated since our income is the first to be affected by these situations, critical on the one hand and devastating on the other.

We no longer only contemplate the possibility of requesting an online loan from our bank, but our perspective looks for alternatives with the sole purpose of paying specific debts.

That being the case, it is necessary to look for alternatives and that is where the different types of online loans come in squarely and where to get them.

So what is the best option? It will not be the same for everyone since we each have different needs. That is why we are going to present you all the alternatives on the market today with their advantages and disadvantages.

Personal loans

These are the online personal loans that used to be requested in traditional banks, and are still being requested, of course.

Few are the banks or finance companies that offer interest below 9%, although some if we could find today and that leave us really good conditions if what we want is to ask for amounts above 10,000 euros to return in 6 or 7 years.

prestamos personales hogar e1592902846390

Remember that the mode of comparison between loans is through the APR and not the nominal interest. On the internet you have many calculators that will convert the nominal interest (TIN) into APR and vice versa.

It must be borne in mind that with these bank loans we will also have important opening and cancellation costs, with which we must assess whether it is profitable for us by making an approximation of all the appropriate expenses; interest, commissions and other costs that sometimes we don't even understand.

Fast online loans

Quick credits are located in the middle of mini-credits and ordinary credits that we would request in our private bank.

That is, they can offer you from a few hundred euros to, in some cases, 2000 euros and even 3000. This allows you to cover most of the market; Many are those who ask for fast online loans for routine situations.

The great advantage of these is their speed in which they process all applications, being minutes for acceptance or denial and hours for entry.

Now, it should be noted that the cost to obtain a fast online credit is high and its conditions not too flexible.

The main advice to have the minimum fee is to choose the right amount that we need. It would not be profitable for us to ask for more since the maximum return time will be the same as if we asked for a lower amount but obviously the fees will be higher.

Online loans with Endorsement

When we have a specific need is when we can obtain the best conditions.

Many are the financial institutions and banks that offer online loans with endorsement for specific occasions such as the acquisition of a new vehicle or the reform of the house.

As you might imagine, it is guaranteed with what is purchased, but interest rates rarely exceed 6% in addition to offering interesting amounts ( there are loans that can reach € 90,000 ).

Of course, normally if we go to a bank to request a loan with endorsement of these characteristics, they will impose contracting conditions for another of their products such as checking accounts and cards, among others.

Online credits between individuals

This is the second most popular source of financing in recent years.

Online credits between individuals, as the name suggests, are credits between individuals but through platforms such as Mintos , Bondora , etc. They are intermediation platforms in which individuals lend money to other individuals in need of urgent money.

The advantages of applying for an online loan between people are the fully personalized conditions that we receive in exchange for a higher price than what your bank could offer you.

But remember that your bank said no and the lender said yes. Why? Because the latter face more risks than the former and in return will impose higher interest rates. Plain and simple.

At the end of the day, we must always be sure of what we are going to sign and that the clauses, rights and obligations of each of the signatories are made clear in said contract.

Responsible use and non-payment of online credit

The non-payment or delay in the installments of these online loans can have a series of consequences that will intensify as the time in which you do not pay the loan increases:

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Extra expenses: by having delays for the payment of online loans, you are bringing more debt to the one you already have, through delay expenses, which increase the interest.

Registration in a delinquency list: it is quite obvious the consequences attracted by this point and its inclusion in lists such as Wttm Lenders or Rai. This will limit you in a great way to request a new credit online.

Judicial means : this is undoubtedly the worst of all points, it involves many extra expenses for carrying out the trial, which in case of losing you will have to pay the debt including the extra expenses established by the entity.

Of course, all this can be avoided if before requesting financing you sit down and think carefully if you can really pay it in the stipulated time, save yourself the problems and extra expenses that can get out of a debt with these financial entities.

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