5 Best Straight Razors of 2021: Barber Approved, Kits, More

Every man knows that there is no closer shave than the one you get with a straight razor. Going to the barber and sitting down, chatting and enjoying the atmosphere is a centuries-old tradition. If you’d rather not leave your home, now you can get a really close shave with a straight razor kit. Trimming your facial hair and beard with this kind of razor keeps your skin smooth and gets rid of all that beard. Whether you’re cleaning your neck, sideburns, or mustache, a straight razor can remove hair in a flash. We’ve highlighted the options for the best straight razors to help you take care of those stray hairs at your own pace.

The best straight razors for beginners

Facón Professional Vintage Straight Edge Barber Rasor Image source: Facón / Amazon

Usually, people learn to shave with electric or hand razors early on. But for someone who wants to learn how to use a straight razor, the Facón Professional Vintage Straight Edge Barber Razor is a smart investment. This is a stainless steel razor with black powder coating and it is perfectly weighted for an ergonomic design. You will get a smoother shaving experience, thanks to the swivel lock blade insert. This will keep the razor exposed 25% higher. It is a light razor and is guaranteed for life. You’ll be getting 100 blades, so you won’t be running out of them anytime soon. It won’t rust or tarnish either.

Main characteristics:

  • A smoother shaving experience
  • 100 blades
  • Lightweight and won’t rust or tarnish

100 blades + professional vintage Facón barber razor straight edge – salon cut-throat quality… Price:$ 12.95 ($ 12.95 / account) Buy now Available on Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

You can hold it at the best angle

The most comfortable straight razor
Equinox International Professional Straight Blade Razor Image Source: Equinox / Amazon

Built with an ergonomic feel, the Equinox International Straight Edge Professional Shaver is simple to hold and comfortable in your hand. You can always have the right grip angle so that your hand doesn’t get tired while you shave. After inserting the blade, be sure to squeeze the protective cap to make sure it locks into place. The blade guard is easy to open, so changing the blades is no problem. This kit includes 100 Derby single-edged blades, ideal for 200-300 shaves. They are also all individually wrapped for hygiene purposes.

Main characteristics:

  • The blade guard is easy to open
  • Comes with 100 single-edged blades
  • Always gives you the right holding angle

Equinox Professional Straight Edge Razor with 100 Derby Single Edge Blades – Close Shave … List of prices:$ 12.99 Price:$ 10.99 You save:$ 2.00 (15%) Buy now Available on Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Move it easily

The easiest straight razor to handle
Utopia Care Professional Barber Edge Razor Image source: Utopia Care / Amazon

With a sleek matte black finish, the Utopia Care Professional Barber Straight Edge razor is a sharp tool, literally and figuratively. The razor has a blade cover that can be turned upside down and the comfortable metal handle allows you to easily move it around your neck and chin, making a close shave simple to achieve. You can start with gentle, smooth strokes and work your way around your face with constant movement and pressure for the ultimate close shaving experience. It comes with 100 Derby Blades individually wrapped in wax paper. The stainless steel design will not rust and this kit is also ideal for sensitive skin.

Main characteristics:

  • Will not rust
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • The blade can be turned over

Utopia Care Professional Barber Straight Edge Safety Razor with 100 Derby Blades – 100 per… List of prices:$ 15.99 Price:$ 11.99 You save:$ 4.00 (25%) Buy now Available on Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Get more in the best straight razor kit

Best straight razor kit
Hunter Jack Beard Grooming Kit For Men Image Source: Hunter Jack / Amazon

The Hunter Jack Beard Men’s Grooming Kit has you covered when trying to keep appearances. This comes with three pieces: a metal comb, beard scissors, and a straight razor. Each is perfectly designed and hand polished for optimal use. Everything comes in a luxury gift box which makes it the perfect gift for any bearded friend or family member. Using the metal beard comb reduces irritation and detangles the beard without pulling out the hairs. It can also fit in your pocket. The straight razor and scissors are made of stainless steel. The razor features interchangeable blade technology. You can also keep them together easily.

Main characteristics:

  • Metal beard comb
  • Beard scissors
  • Straight razor with interchangeable blade technology

Hunter Jack Beard Grooming Kit for Men, 3 pieces – Metal comb, beard scissors, straight razor – Grea… Price:$ 19.95 Buy now Available on Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Keep your blades sharper

Ideal for sharpening
Peinat Straight Razor Image Source: peinat / Amazon

If you’re wondering how to always get a closer shave, take a look at the peinat straight razor. You can get a razor and a canvas leather belt to keep your razor sharper. It has a double layer of cowhide for easier density. The blade also has high hardness, so it will not rust. The design of the feather razor blade is sharp and durable. In addition, with the wooden handle, it folds down to 340 °. It will not take up much space and it is also easy to carry. This is reusable, which is well worth it.

Main characteristics:

  • Feathered razor blade design
  • High hardness
  • Leather canvas belt

peinat Men’s straight wooden razor Stainless steel manual straight razor … Price:$ 21.99 Buy now Available on Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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