Loans without payroll or endorsement

These are online loans without payroll, very flexible and easy to apply for, just as they do not require too many conditions to approve applications.

Request your Credit without Payroll here

loan logo
Up to 1000 Euros
Returns from 91 to 120 days
Wttm Lenders ACCEPTED / 96% APPROVED
100 - 3000 €
apply for

crezu logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 5 minutes
EVEN WITH Wttm Lenders
Return period: Up to 120 days
100 - 1000 €
apply for

party credit logo
Up to 1000 Euros and With Wttm Lenders
First Free Credit
Term: 62 to 90 days
Without paperwork, without endorsement, with income.
100 - 1000 €
apply for

tucreditorapido logo
Up to 9000 Euros
EVEN WITH Wttm Lenders
Repayment period: up to 60 months
No paperwork, 100% online.
First 7 days free, then € 37.99 if you don't cancel within 7 days.
€ 50 - 9000
apply for

vivus logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 15 minutes
To be returned in: 7 to 30 days
New clients: € 300 / Without payroll
50 - 1000 €
apply for

evobanco logo
Up to 30000 Euros
Return period: up to 96 months
REQUIREMENT: Hire an intelligent account. No commissions, without changing banks.
€ 3,000 - € 30,000
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debt logo
Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Over 28 years
Exit Wttm Lenders and request financing again
Free Study / 100% Success Cases
100% Success Cases
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solvedudeuda logo
Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Over 28 years
Exit Wttm Lenders and request financing again
Free Study / 90% Success Cases
Up to € 250,000
apply for

Up to 1500 Euros in 15 minutes
Return period: up to 6 months
Without paperwork, without endorsement, without payroll.
50 - 1500 €
apply for

moneyman logo
Up to 1200 Euros in 15 minutes
RAI and Wttm Lenders ACCEPT
Return period: Up to 4 months
Without endorsement, with income
50 - 1200 €
apply for

lend it logo
Up to 50000 Euros in 1 hour
EVEN Wttm Lenders
Term: from 1 to 6 years
Without paperwork, with income
€ 500 - € 50,000
apply for

hello money logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 10 minutes
Return period: Up to 100 days
Without endorsement, With income
100 - 1000 €
apply for

microcredits24 logo
Up to 750 Euros in 10 minutes
Return period: Up to 92 days
Without endorsement or Payroll. WITH Wttm Lenders
€ 50 - 750
apply for

loan logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 10 minutes
WITH Wttm Lenders
Return period: Up to 21 days
New customers: € 300 / No endorsement
50 - 1000 €
apply for

younited logo
Up to 40000 Euros
To be returned in: from 24 to 72 months
From 5.18% TIN. Without Endorsement, with payroll.
€ 1,000 - € 40,000
apply for

gedesco logo
Up to 10,000 Euros in 24 hours
Without payroll, car as collateral
You can keep using your car
Maximum Appraisal
€ 500 - € 5000
apply for

fedoro logo
Up to 10,000 Euros
Wttm Lenders ACCEPTED / 98% APPROVED
Repayment period: up to 60 months
No paperwork, 100% online.
Service Cost: € 3 poop 5 days. (If you cancel before 5 days, nothing is paid)
1000 - 10000 €
apply for

misolvency logo
Up to 10,000 Euros in 1 hour
Repayment period: up to 60 months
Wttm Lenders ACCEPTED No paperwork.
€ 300 - € 10,000
apply for

finzmo logo
Up to 10,000 Euros in 1 hour
ACCEPT Wttm Lenders
Repayment period: up to 60 months
Without paperwork, without endorsement, with income.
€ 500 - € 10,000
apply for

fintonic logo
Up to 50000 Euros in 1 hour
Return period: up to 90 months
Without paperwork, From 4.75% APR
€ 1,000 - € 50,000
apply for

Here we bring you all the fast credits without payroll that exist in the market.

Surely you have heard about this one of the fast credits without payroll. They are advertised in the media, at all hours, and their ads can be very striking, especially for those who are intended (which are the vast majority).

You just have to see the interest rates that apply, the time in which they process your application and the applicable requirements. If you have not decided yet, you can compare the ones we list in the table that you can see above.

All this compendium of benefits as well as how fast it can be to order them ( it can be done completely online from the comfort of your home ) have made many users who have enjoyed them.

Now, the more famous the option of having a loan without payroll or endorsement is, the more doubts arise in this regard as well as distrust when seeing cases in which bad practices are glimpsed on the part of lenders.

Not all companies act in bad faith nor are all fast online loans granted without payroll, without guarantees or being in files such as Wttm Lenders or Rai, we are not all the same.

It is important to know how to value, weigh and be objective when the opportunity presents itself together with the need for liquidity.

Loans without Payroll and without Interest?

Many finance companies have realized that offering interest-free loans helps them attract clients who, once they have had a good experience with their free credit, will request the services of the lender again at the moment they are in need of do what.

If they do not earn by the interest percentages, why do they promote these online loans without payroll?

Is it true that there are credits without payroll and free?

Many companies offer this type of fast loans without payroll as an exclusive offer for new clients for a period of time, although many others maintain the offer in force throughout the year so that new clients can always enjoy this benefit.

In this way, making the entrance more pleasant to the client and in case he needs a new one, statistically he will return to the financial institution that granted him a loan at 0% interest rate, knowing that the treatment and trust he placed was respected and valued since the institution assumed a risk for him.

The best thing is that from the beginning you establish the amount and the term within which you can pay your loan for free without any problem.

This is how these mini-credits with Wttm Lenders and without payroll totally free arise.

Actually there are no hidden interests or commissions, but always take into account to be very careful with the time in which you must make the payment, because if the stipulated date arrives and you have not covered with the corresponding amount, you will begin to charge interest and fees for non-payment.

Loans with Wttm Lenders and payroll

One of the requirements of traditional banks to request a loan with Wttm Lenders and without payroll, or financing of any kind, is that our name is not included in any of the delinquency lists.

prestamos con Wttm Lenders y nomina

Many people who find themselves in this situation ask themselves "I am in Wttm Lenders and I need a loan" and they give up when they need urgent money without payroll, since they believe that their requests will be denied from the first moment.

The truth is that today, there are many alternative companies that offer financing for people who are on the delinquency lists and can get loans regardless of Wttm Lenders . Some of the characteristics to take into account are:

  • Almost all the companies that offer this type of loan with Wttm Lenders and fixed payroll, request a proof that guarantees that your debt in Wttm Lenders does not exceed 1000 Euros, although there are some that accept debts of up to 2000 Euros.
  • Another requirement that some companies ask is that this debt does not refer to any type of financing.
  • It is also likely that they will ask you for proof of income to be able to carry out a risk study and find out if you are a viable person to obtain a loan without payroll. For this, you will have to submit documentation that proves your monthly income, as well as a bank statement that guarantees the monthly expenses you have.
  • There are some companies that review each application on a case-by-case basis. This is very convenient, since if your debt is small you can get your credit instantly without income without any problem.

Requirements to get a quick loan without endorsement

Although each finance company has specific requirements, most of them are very similar, and consist of the following:

  • To get a loan without endorsement it is necessary to verify your identity through an official identification such as DNI, passport or Spanish residence card. Although it is not necessary that you have Spanish nationality, it is a requirement that you have a legal residence.
  • Be of legal age or in some cases, meet an age range of 21 to 65 years.
  • Have stable income. Payroll is not necessary but periodic demonstrable income that guarantees that you have a way to return all the money that you have been loaned. Otherwise you will not get that credit without endorsement or payroll.
  • It is very likely that you will be asked for bank statements for the last few months in order to verify your expenses and the ability you have to pay.
  • It is essential in most cases that you have a mobile phone and a personal email.

I'm in Wttm Lenders and I need a loan

Depending on your economic profile, surely you should limit your search to a specific type of mini-credits with Wttm Lenders , since generally financial institutions do not approve requests made by people who are going through a delicate financial or personal situation.

However, there are many credit institutions that offer some solutions such as online microcredits with Wttm Lenders , so that those people who appear on a delinquency list, can access the money they need to solve various situations.

In Wttm Lenders you can access an effective comparator that allows you to discover the best credit options. So now you know, if you are in Wttm Lenders and you need a loan , don't worry because there are financial companies that grant them.

Loans without payroll or endorsement, only DNI

In case you need a quick loan without payroll, there are online financial companies that offer them and they only ask you for your ID and little else.

This is the best option for you, as long as they are small or at least manageable quantities.

To obtain a credit without a short-term payroll, the risk assumed by the company or the creditor on the debtor is practically minimal due to:

1) the amounts granted and 2) the non-existence of guarantees , that is why many institutions ask for another requirement called justification of periodic income , it is a way for them to know if they will receive payment in the established periods or not, it is a way to decrease more even the risk they take.

These quick loans without payroll are granted, for the most part, to new clients as a mechanism for attracting clients, each company and financial institution will decide what the profile of the candidates would be.

Requirements to qualify for a Credits without payroll or income

Due to the very nature of loans, loans without payroll or endorsement, it is normal that the requirements to obtain one can become somewhat stricter than other types of financing.

prestamos sin nomina

In general, the requirements that must be met to obtain urgent loans without payroll are the following:

  • Be a new customer at the bank or credit institution in which we apply. While this is not always a requirement, in most cases they are an exclusive offer to attract and retain new customers.
  • The age must be between 21 and 65 years, although there are companies that extend the age from 18 to 75 years.
  • It is necessary to have Spanish nationality to request it, or else, to verify legal residence in Spain through the necessary documentation.
  • It is essential to present proof of fixed income that guarantees the company that is giving us the immediate loan without payroll, that we are solvent people who can return all the money in the established time.
  • Although they exist, it is very rare to find a company that gives us a loan without payroll instantly while our name is on a delinquency list such as Wttm Lenders . It is recommended that you review the terms and conditions of each of the options to know in which this is possible.

Reliable, paperless loans

As we have said, these fast paperless loans are also advertised by any media such as television, radio, magazines and newspapers.

These advertisements are always intended to attract our attention but this cannot diminish our objectivity; We must be analytical with what we see because it is nothing other than a financial product like any other, with which we will borrow (even if it is little).

Phrases like " free " and " gift " rarely go hand in hand with a quick loan without paperwork.

Are the credits without paperwork and reliable?

Yes, they are totally reliable as long as you know where to order them. Therefore, if you have an imperative need for liquidity and do not want to fill out infinite paperwork, do not act without thinking or comparing.

There are dozens of financial companies that offer loans without paperwork and among them are those that offer a good product suitable for your personal situation. Look for them and find them.

Necessity can bring us down a cliff. We need to understand when to put the brakes to avoid falling.

Why aren't paperwork loans just called loans?

Because it is not the same, when we request a loan in a bank, we generally put something as a guarantee or endorsement, in most cases this guarantee is a property and, in case of not paying the debt, you can lose your property.

In these loans with collateral, these guarantees do not fall on a specific good , simply the debt increases.

Comparing loans without payroll and without paperwork will save you money

This point goes hand in hand with the second. Comparing and analyzing each of the conditions and requirements of each of the loans without payroll will make us end up with the one that best suits and costs us the least.

The characteristics to be compared range from the interest rate, repayment terms and fees for commissions to consequences for non-compliance, durability of the contract and other conditions often hidden in the form of small print.

At this point you have to detail how to compare interest and certain loans with Wttm Lenders and fixed payroll. In some web pages you will see that they will talk about monthly interests and in others annual ones.

To be able to compare, they must be in annual form and in APR ( equivalent annual rate ), that is, the rate that includes all the costs incurred for the acquisition (study, opening and cancellation fees as well as other fees).

Without all these clear points, our advice is that you do not request any financial product of this type.

How much will you end up paying for a loan without payroll?

It is very important to know at all times the final amount that we will have to return for the application of our credit without payroll. Many people only look at the initial amount they ask for and the fees they will pay, but not the total amount.

No matter how flattering all the conditions of these personal loans may seem to you (whether they are with payroll, without payroll, with endorsement or without endorsement, being in Wttm Lenders, Rai, ... or without being), you have to be objective to assess whether It is really worth paying the fees in the time you have determined.

An example would be a loan of € 2,000 to be repaid in 24 months with installments of € 170. After two years we would end up paying € 4,080, which would be double the amount requested.

Planned family economy, assured return

It is not impossible to find the fast credit without payroll or income adequate to your needs, the most difficult thing is to know how we are going to return it. That is why, once you have hired it, you must draw up a family economic plan which will allow you to return it in the most comfortable way possible.

To achieve this, we must analyze our movements of money inflows and outflows and see in which parts we can save and in the nature of them, in order to know if they are essential or if their cancellation will allow us to fully refund the financing received. .

More benefits of fast loans without payroll

Finally, another benefit that makes this new financial modality very attractive is how flexible they are in terms of paying fast loans without payroll, where the most important thing is that some give you the possibility of returning the money before the established deadline and thus reduce interest.

Coupled with this, it also gives you the facility to request more time to make the payment.

Undoubtedly, financial companies that operate through the internet are a truly innovative alternative that, although it is beginning to take hold, has a promising future, especially due to the advantages that they offer in relation to classic or traditional banking entities that have a much more cumbersome process.

The key is to follow the steps to request and obtain them, wait the time depending on the type of product and that's it. It is fast, simple, flexible, environmentally friendly, and you can also request it from the comfort of your home avoiding long waits at banks that are so desperate and from which most people flee.

Author: Wttm Lenders

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