Interest-free loans

Some finance companies offer the first free loan from their official pages, especially to new clients who try their services for the first time, but sometimes also to regular clients as a thank you for their trust.

loan logo
Up to 1000 Euros
Returns from 91 to 120 days
Wttm Lenders ACCEPTED / 96% APPROVED
100 - 3000 €
apply for

crezu logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 5 minutes
EVEN WITH Wttm Lenders
Return period: Up to 120 days
100 - 1000 €
apply for

party credit logo
Up to 1000 Euros and With Wttm Lenders
First Free Credit
Term: 62 to 90 days
Without paperwork, without endorsement, with income.
100 - 1000 €
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tucreditorapido logo
Up to 9000 Euros
EVEN WITH Wttm Lenders
Repayment period: up to 60 months
No paperwork. FREE first credit
First 7 days free, then € 37.99 if you don't cancel within 7 days.
€ 50 - 9000
apply for

solvedudeuda logo
Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Over 28 years
Exit Wttm Lenders and request financing again
Free Study / 90% Success Cases
Up to € 250,000
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vivus logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 15 minutes
To be returned in: 7 to 30 days
New clients: € 300 / Without payroll
50 - 1000 €
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moneyman logo
Up to 1200 Euros in 15 minutes
RAI and Wttm Lenders ACCEPT
Return period: Up to 4 months
Without endorsement, with income. FREE first credit.
50 - 1200 €
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microcredits24 logo
Up to 750 Euros in 10 minutes
Return period: Up to 92 days
Without endorsement or Payroll. WITH Wttm Lenders
€ 50 - 750
apply for

hello money logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 10 minutes
Return period: Up to 100 days
Without endorsement, With income
100 - 1000 €
apply for

loan logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 10 minutes
WITH Wttm Lenders
Return period: Up to 21 days
New customers: € 300 / No endorsement
50 - 1000 €
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suncredit logo
Up to 1000 Euros
Return from 5 to 90 days
ACCEPT RAI-Wttm Lenders
50 - 3000 €
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fedoro logo
Up to 10,000 Euros
Wttm Lenders ACCEPTED / 98% APPROVED
Repayment period: up to 60 months
No paperwork, 100% online.
Service Cost: € 3 poop 5 days. (If you cancel before 5 days, nothing is paid)
1000 - 10000 €
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We all like to take something free from time to time, right? The free has that irresistible attraction that pushes you to try it, total, you will not pay anything!

Free first loan

What do you have to do to get your first free credit? Fortunately, you don't have to do too much, you just have to find the right offer at a trusted finance company.

It's easier than you might believe, a quick search will allow you to find free online microloan deals right here. In this article we present you some of the best options you can get in the current market without interest.

Before commenting on the details of this type of service without additional costs for you, we are going to point out some of the financial entities that offer this facility.

One of them is Vivus, an entity that has become very popular in recent years. From this finance company they offer you a first loan of up to € 300 without interest . You can expect similar conditions in several of the other better known entities in the current financial market, such as Ferratum , Creditomas and Solcredito , etc.

You can count on their assistance through their official pages, where you can simulate the conditions before ordering them. You can also check the details through the customer service phone.

What if in addition to free it can also be with Wttm Lenders?

Although the conditions are limited to small amounts, such as € 300 or close to € 600, there are some exceptions to these interest-free offers, you can even request quick loans while in Wttm Lenders.

To do this, you just have to search among the entities to find a product that can ensure the capital you need without additional expense for you.

As you can see, the process of applying for a loan without interest and with Wttm Lenders is very simple. It only takes a minimum of dedication to find the entity that provides the appropriate service.

When should you ask for interest-free loans

Although this is a free service, you can take good advantage of it from your situation.

Imagine that you need to pay an invoice or face a repair immediately, what can you do if you do not have liquidity? The best thing would be to get one of these free credits in the amount necessary to get out of trouble.

When you receive your payroll you can return the money and it will be as if you had not asked for any service, erasure and new account.

prestamo sin interes

The only downside is that finance companies only offer these conditions once for each client, usually when they join their community. That is, you can only request the first free loan if you are a new customer.

Therefore, you must plan in advance how you can use this free service. For you it will not involve any disbursement in the form of fees, it will be like borrowing money from a friend or taking those euros out of the piggy bank.

Requirements to request an interest-free loan

Most financial institutions demand very similar requirements for new customers who can benefit from these promotions. The same requirements are requested as in the case of loans with interest, you just have to be of legal age, reside in Spain and have valid contact information.

In some cases, a financier may ask for a proof of income, but given the small amount of fast, interest-free loans , this is not a common situation.

In other words, you can enjoy this service in a matter of minutes just by filling out the application form from the official website of the entity of your choice.

We recommend that you compare the conditions of some financial institutions before making a final decision in case one offers you more facilities in the payment or the amount loaned.

Although the conditions are similar between lenders, due to high competition there are differences to attract customers and you can benefit from it.

How to request free loans

In general, the application process for one of these interest-free credits is the same as for any application you can make. The only thing that changes is the amount and the repayment period that allows you to save interest.

Because the amount of money borrowed is small, these fast online loans usually have returns of about a month or 60 days at most.

These are the steps you must follow to get an interest-free loan from the comfort of your home when you need it:

  • First of all, you should look for the financial company that offers you a free loan at 0%. To do this, you can review the ones we recommend in this article or in others related to what we have published.
  • You will then be able to access the official page of the entity of your interest with a few clicks. There you can verify the conditions of the loan of your interest.
  • Count on the help of the customer service of the financial institution you have chosen to complete the application process if necessary. Feel free to review the directions and follow them to the letter.

Keep in mind that the search is worth it to choose a free financing offer according to your needs at the time.

When will I receive the money?

The money delivery terms are the same as in other loans, such as loans without payroll, which are also free in any case.

You will be able to count on the money in minutes to give it the use you have in mind.

primer prestamo gratuito

Entities usually welcome their new clients with this type of service at no additional cost so that they can try all the steps from the request to the return of the amount borrowed within the term.

In this way, clients can count on the detailed knowledge of the platform, the management deadlines and more for when they really need a loan on another occasion.

Why should you ask for a free loan?

As with any other credit, you should only ask for it if you really need it and if you are going to be able to return the requested amount within the agreed period. That is, you must be very sure of the request you make to an entity.

On why, the best answer to this question is that you have two solid advantages for which you can trust these offers of free credits and without additional costs:

  • You pay nothing, no interest or commission, which is always a plus. What more could you ask for from a lender that also attends you any day at any time?
  • The advantages of a free service like this should not be underestimated, they can get you out of more than one bind without paying interest or commissions.
  • You will be able to face an unforeseen event for free and with no commitments for you.
  • It is a completely free help that you receive from the financial institution. Do not stop taking advantage of this possibility. Before you just have to study some of the offers to familiarize yourself with the offers they have for you.

These four advantages allow you to get a proper perspective on the use and advantages of quick interest-free loans . In addition, you can count on this offer in several entities the first time you register for their services.

Trust Wttm Lenders, we are a reliable comparator

That means you can get out of more than one compromised situation with these introductory offers. In addition, by comparing the conditions and experiences with more than one entity, you will be able to know the one that best suits your needs.

It is clear that these offers of fast online loans without interest or commissions are so popular for good reasons. Count on the help of a trusted financial institution to get ahead in any unforeseen situation that may arise.

You can learn more about financial services on Wttm Lenders by reading the articles we publish. Do not forget to review the topics that we have already covered about financial and interest-free loans; Can you recommend a new one!

What are you waiting for to request your first free credit?

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