7 famous Milwaukee Bucks fans

The Bucks’ current run to the NBA Finals has landed them a spot in the global spotlight – and where there’s a spotlight, you’ll find celebrities. Indeed, Milwaukee might not be New York or Los Angeles, but thanks to their excellent play on the field and go-to star, Bucks games have become a place to see – especially now that they’re on. the ultimate league scene.

Here are seven of the Bucks’ biggest celebrities – some well established and obvious, others who are new to the crew or just starting to fly their #FearTheDeer flag, all welcome to Deer District. Somehow, we have a feeling this list is about to grow a lot after these Finals … but before the train really starts to move, here are the Bucks’ most famous fans.

1. Sheryl Raven

One of the most surprising developments of these playoffs (beyond Jeff Teague’s number of minutes) was the discovery that country pop singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow is a Bucks superfan. Indeed, you might have thought the “Soak Up the Sun” singer would lean towards the Suns, but it turns out that she is a die-hard Bucks fan thanks to the passion of her 11-year-old son, Levi. , who loves sport, for the team. And while her son is a huge fan of Giannis – with the absolutely stunning autographed wall decoration, as shown in a Twitter video confirming the Crow family fandom – Sheryl’s favorite Buck is the perpetually underrated and underrated Khris Middleton. So you KNOW she’s a real, dedicated fan.

Considering how her Twitter feed became a Bucks fan account during these playoffs and how much Milwaukee and Sheryl Crow kissed each other during this incredible postseason series, someone is going to get a warm welcome from heroes when she opens for Chris Stapleton at Summerfest in a few months. Five dollars says she walks out on stage in a Middleton swimsuit.

2. Chance the rapper

Given his close connection to his hometown of Chicago and the fact that he grew up during Michael Jordan’s heyday in a Bulls uniform, you’d think Chance the Rapper’s NBA affiliations would land solidly in the south side of the Wisconsin-Illinois border. But the Grammy-winning rapper has been a regular at the Bucks’ home games in these playoffs, cheering on the Bucks, throwing all kinds of love to the loud local crowd, meets Giannis off the field for post-match congratulations and even promising a song for the team if they finish the job in the final. (Although “Light It Up, Light It Up” is a hard banger to beat.)

It would be easy to assume that Chance the Rapper is just a band-aid fan who gets on board at the right time – but he’s actually enjoyed the Bucks beyond this current run, going all the way back to 2015 when he went to a game at the Old Bradley Center to support fellow Chicagoan Jabari Parker during his days in Milwaukee. But even if he was a newcomer to the soon to be overcrowded Bucks bandwagon, we would have “No problem” with that. (But seriously, don’t try to outdo “Light It Up, Light It Up”; we’ve tried before, and it can’t be done.)

3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

We’ve seen plenty of Bucks icons on the court during these playoffs – from Michael Redd to Oscar Robertson to Bob Dandridge to John McGlocklin to Marques Johnson and (one would have to imagine) Brandon Jennings. But few are as esteemed as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who has reconnected with Milwaukee over the decades after their notoriously brutal breakup in the ’70s – especially in recent years, with the all-time great becoming a more regular show during the’ 70s. Key Bucks events like the construction of the Fiserv Forum.

This mutual rapprochement between Kareem and Milwaukee reached its peak in the playoffs as the NBA legend proudly proclaimed his fandom for his home team with court appearances, Twitter videos making his predictions for the Bucks friendly finals and even making up a phrase for that Milwaukee playoff push: Bucksalypse. Okay, that hasn’t really caught on – it doesn’t quite get out of the tongue, but one of us is a New York Times bestselling author and one of us has written to About Kid Rock riding Jimmy John’s yacht, so who am I to criticize – but when your name and number are on our rafters and you’ve delivered this town its only championship, you can come up with the pun tortured you want.

Also: Can we just quickly appreciate this amazing art of coffee?

4. Gucci Mane

The Bucks train is about to pick up an insane amount of new passengers, so credit is due: Gucci Mane was one of the first on board. Why? Excellent question! The rapper suddenly started showing up on court during the 2019 playoffs, stepping into a friendly jam with Raptors superfan Drake in the process. The Bucks unfortunately lost the streak – and Gucci Mane apparently lost a six-figure bet with Drake – but the rapper has been stuck alongside the Bucks ever since, showing up on the pitch for the Bucks’ first playoff game in 47. years. Well… mostly, because he notably missed out in the Eastern Conference Finals as the Bucks faced the Atlanta Hawks in his hometown. But hey, now that their wings have been cut off, Gucci Mane is ours now!

5. Aaron Rodgers

Sports teams in small markets need to stick together – so it’s no surprise to see a plethora of popular Packers backing the Bucks, from Za’Darius Smith to Aaron Jones to David Bakhtiari and the ravenous liver of David Bakhtiari. . And that goes all the way to Green Bay multi-MVP star quarterback, A-grade “Jeopardy” guest host and C-grade dancer Aaron Rodgers, who, on top of that … the Bucks during big games and committing. half-drinking beer.

For the sake of not wanting to cause a small riot of Wisconsin sports fans, Rodgers kept his physical distance during that Milwaukee playoff run, but judging from his Twitter feed, he still supports the Bucks from a distance. Look at that, a Wisconsin team that Rodgers doesn’t hate to own … probably because, well, he owns it, becoming such a fan of his Sconnie sports team that he claimed a minority stake in the team in 2017. This marks the second professional team Rodgers owns – the other being the Chicago Bears.

6. Mallory Edens

Of course, her celebrity status stemmed from being the owner’s daughter – and she was originally a huge New York Knicks fan, even considering the idea of ​​potentially buying the team one day. (That sound you just heard was that of millions of Knicks fans screaming, “PLEASE! SOMEBODY! SOMEBODY!”) A famous fan – not exactly a glamorous place to be. But family ties or not, she not only stayed by the Bucks’ side during their growing pains, but steadily increased her fandom over the years – to the point that she savagely dragged Drake onto the court in a Pusha T during the 2019 playoffs. And anyone who does that deserves a well-deserved place in the top echelon of celebrity fans.

7. Christian Yelich

The Brewers outfielder was very well liked by Milwaukee fans after arriving in a flight trades with the Miami Marlins through his impressive bat, low-key and charming persona, winning ways and outspoken appreciation for the local basketball team. Yelich snagged seats to key Bucks games – with a beer chug – linked to fellow hero hired by MVP-winner Milwaukee, and offered himself as a dunk contest prop to Pat Connaughton, going well in- beyond the simple cross-market required. team synergy. And while he hasn’t yet been able to qualify for a playoff game thanks to his day job, Yelich has been cheering on the Bucks via Twitter – and it looks like he’s looking to land a seat for the final on Tuesday. We will have a ready-to-drink beer waiting for you.