8 Marvel characters who are clearly inspired by the Flash

The Flash has a long heritage in DC comics. First appearing in 1940, Jay Garrick began a heroic mantle that would last for years. Barry Allen’s appearance in Showcase # 4 is widely seen as the start of the Silver Age, and the hero redefined what it meant to be a speedster in comics. His protégé Wally West will succeed him after his death in Crisis on Infinite Earths and make the coat your own, winning legions of fans. Each Flash’s legacy is one of high speed heroism, and they are icons.

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The Flashes are the fastest speedsters of all, and their inspiration has moved beyond DC. There are many Marvel characters who have been inspired by the Scarlet Speedster over the years.

8 Marvel’s entire Silver Age heroic lineup was inspired by Barry Allen

The Avengers didn't appear until 2 years after Marvel's Silver Age began.

DC completely controlled the first comic book market. Even though many of their Golden Age heroes went into hibernation after the 1940s, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were the eternal big sellers. Marvel’s golden age has fallen into disuse, and the publisher has stopped publishing superhero stories. Barry Allen’s debut in Showcase # 4 was a fresh start for DC, as they started repackaging many of their older heroes with new characters.

The Flash was the first Science Hero of the Silver Age, and Science Heroes were basically every hero in Marvel Silver Age except Thor. While they might not all have been speedsters, Marvel wouldn’t be alike without Barry Allen and the example he set.

seven Buried Alien is Marvel’s homage to Barry Allen

Barry Allen is one of DC’s greatest heroes, and his death in Crisis on Infinite Earths was a huge deal. Marvel and DC have always had a friendly rivalry, often stealing characters from each other. Several times they barely hid it, and that was the case with Buried Alien. The name was an ironic tribute to the recently deceased Allen, and he played a part in a race of Marvel’s fastest speedsters.

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Invited to the run by The Runner, Alien made many references to Barry’s life in the DC Universe, talking about his wife and family and how he ran to save his universe. Buried Alien was basically Barry Allen. Who knows, maybe Barry ended up in the Marvel Universe for a bit before he died destroying the Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter cannon?

6 The runner is one of the elders of the universe

Infinity Gauntlet has a great reputation, but many people forget Thanos Quest. In it, Thanos rivaled the Ancients of the Universe, one of whom was the Runner. The Runner is possibly the fastest being in the Marvel Universe and had made several appearances before. Thanos Quest. While he’s pretty much a speed god, he’s still a part of Flash’s legacy.

One of the things about Marvel and DC is that there is a bit of competition between their characters. For years, Marvel didn’t compete with DC when it came to speedsters, as almost all Marvel speedsters were slower than DC’s. The Runner was Marvel’s attempt to create a speedster that was faster than Flash, and they cemented that when the Runner beat Buried Alien in the speedster race.

5 Speed ​​Demon got his speed powers from chemicals

Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West all have something in common besides speed. They got their powers from chemicals in one or the other. Jay got his super speed from the hard water vapors, and Barry and Wally both got theirs from the chemical baths that interacted with the lightning. Speed ​​Demon is a Spider-Man villain who was once a chemist, and that’s how he gained his super-speed powers.

While he’s a villain instead of a hero, the fact that he acquired his powers the same way three Flashes took inspiration from DC’s speedster dynasty. He’s strictly C-list, however, and in recent years he’s been a member of teams like the Thunderbolts and Superior Foes of Spider-Man, where he’s gained greater fandom than ever before.

4 The Whizzer copied Jay Garrick in several ways

The Flash has changed a lot since Jay Garrick’s days, but Jay is still many fans’ favorite Flash. Debuting in 1940, Jay was a founding member of the Justice Society, and his winged hat was an integral part of his iconic look. In 1941, Marvel introduced its first speedster, the Whizzer. His origin was not similar to Jay’s, as he got his powers from a transfusion of mongoose blood, but his winged helmet was definitely a rip off of Garrick’s.

The timing of his debut is also quite suspect, as Garrick ran a long time before the Whizzer made his debut. DC set the bar high for Marvel in the Golden Age, and while Marvel had its own revolutionary heroes back then, the Whizzer was not one of them.

3 The Blur Is The Squadron Supreme’s Flash Analogue

Blur is the fastest mortal

The Supreme Squadron is one of Marvel’s most egregious DC scams. Based on the Justice League, the Squadron Supreme was basically created to show the Avengers defeating the Justice League. Every member of the team is an analogue of one of DC’s greatest heroes, and the Blur is the Flash of the team. The speedster is also one of the fastest in the Marvel Universe and has appeared in more than one version of the Squadron Supreme in more than one universe over the years.

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Although its origin has some differences from any Flash, it is explicitly based on the Scarlet Speedster. There’s no getting around this, and every Marvel fan, except the most casual, is familiar with Squadron Supreme and its purpose.

2 Makkari proves speedsters look great in red

The Eternals have long been one of Marvel’s best-kept secrets, but their MCU debut changed everything. The Eternals were one of Jack Kirby’s greatest creations, and he made sure to give the group a resident speedster, Makkari. Makkari inspired Mercury and Hermes in the Marvel Universe, gods whose iconography was important to Jay Garrick when he appeared in the Golden Age. It also tied Makkari into the Flash legacy.

Makkari was one of the most important Eternals, always at the forefront in their battles against the Deviants. When the character was first created, Makkari was male, something that has changed due to the character’s MCU cast. One thing that hasn’t changed is Makkari’s penchant for red, something the speedster shares with the Flash. Red is apparently the color of speed.

1 Quicksilver was Silver Age Marvel’s answer to the Flash

Quicksilver and Flash have some things in common, but they can also be very different. Quicksilver made his debut as a villain, fighting the X-Men alongside Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. However, he would soon transfer to the Avengers with his sister Scarlet Witch and prove he had what it takes to be a hero. Quicksilver became the team’s resident speedster, a role The Flashes always played on DC’s biggest teams like the Justice Society, Justice League, and Teen Titans.

Quicksilver behaves very differently from Flash and is much slower. Still, it’s obvious how much the character was inspired by the Flash, right down to the lightning bolts that have always been a part of Quicksilver’s costume.

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