A $ 1.2 trillion investment opportunity

Did you know that “utopia” exists?

At least a form of green energy utopia.

You can find it in a small neighborhood in Texas today – homes are zero emissions, energy costs very low, and power outages never happen.

As our hypergrowth expert Luke Lango writes below, this utopia was created by Tesla, but it is part of a much larger distributed energy revolution.

From Luc:

(The Distributed Energy Revolution) will impact every home in the world. It will change all the energy systems in the world. And that will ultimately shake up the global $ 2.4 TILLION electric power industry.

Today, let’s turn it over to Luke to learn more about this future green energy utopia and, more importantly, how investors can position themselves to 25X growth by 2030.

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The # 1 share to buy for 50 times the gains in the distributed energy revolution

By Luc Lango

Why is it You’re here (TSLA) – an auto company – worth over $ 700 billion?

Because, as the bulls like to say, Tesla is not an auto maker. It is an energy company.

Chamath Palihapitiya – an early Facebook executive turned successful venture capitalist – expressed it best in an interview with CNBC in 2021:

“The reality is that Tesla is a distributed energy company. They learn how to harness energy, how to store it, and then how to use it in ways that allow humans to be productive. Cars are a manifestation. But so are solar panels. Electric walls are also … the big disruption to come is for electric utilities. There are trillions of dollars of bonds, of capital spending, of value sitting inside the world’s power generation infrastructure that is going to disappear Upside down.

Chamath is 100% right.

Just look at what Tesla recently announced: the construction of a futuristic next-generation neighborhood built entirely on renewable energy in Austin, Texas.

The neighborhood is completely independent from the grid, as each house is its own energy production and storage center, with Tesla V3 solar tiles and a Powerwall 2 battery storage pack.

It’s the neighborhood of the future – and it’s a very bright future …

Because in this future, the houses have no emissions, since everything is powered by clean energy …

Energy costs are very low because everyone produces and stores their own energy …

And outages never happen, as no one is dependent on the grid and everyone has backup power stored in their own on-site battery.

It is utopia.

Today, this utopia exists in a small neighborhood in Texas. By 2040, it will exist everywhere.

That is, every house in America will have solar panels … every house will have an energy storage battery … every house will have a charging station … and every house will have an EV parked in the garage or driveway .

It’s the unmistakable future of residential life.

Experts like to call this seismic change in residential life the “Distributed energy revolution”, Because fundamentally, this change consists of reducing the individual dependence of households on the energy network and transforming each house into its own independent energy production and storage center.

As you may have guessed, this change is not small. It will have an impact on every household in the world. It will change all the energy systems in the world. And it will ultimately shake up the global $ 2.4 trillion electric power industry.

All of this is going to happen over the next two decades as renewable energy technology becomes more and more better and cheaper, while the old electricity grid becomes more stressed and more expensive.

We are currently at the “tipping point” where the $ 2.4 trillion distributed energy revolution will take hold.

That’s why Tesla is building its new neighborhood – because it finally makes economic and societal sense to do so …

And over the next two decades, it will make economic and societal sense for every neighborhood in every country to be the same hub.

People… the distributed energy revolution has started… the time to invest is now.

And there are several ways to play this revolution.

you could buy solar actions, since solar panels will become ubiquitous in homes and offices.

You can also buy VE actions, since electric vehicles will similarly invade roads everywhere by 2040.

But the best kind of stocks to buy to play the distributed energy revolution are energy storage stocks, because energy storage systems will be the centerpiece of this revolution.

After all, distributed energy systems will only work if they are backed by an efficient energy storage system, because the sun does not shine every day. Best of all, most homes and offices haven’t adopted energy storage systems yet, which means this industry has huge potential for growth.

Indeed, the global energy storage market is expected to increase 25X by 2030 and will represent a $ 1.2 trillion opportunity by 2050.

That’s why I’m hyper bullish on energy storage stocks today – they represent the next generation of Wall Street “super winners”.

And in this group, a stock stands out like the cream of the crop.

No, it’s not Tesla. It is a company that beat Tesla in the energy storage game – and which, with its advanced technology, will become the 400-pound gorilla of this large-scale industry.

Best of all, the company is very small today – and its inventory is completely flying under the radar.

That’s why i’m very serious when i say that this stock could skyrocket to 50X over the next decade.

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Signed: Luc Lango
Luc Lango