“A new Europe” united against Russia – even neutral Switzerland

Germany, Switzerland and Sweden have set aside historic policies of non-aggression to join a united European front against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

WASHINGTON — A continent that has spent most of the last millennium at war with itself has united against The Russian invasion of Ukrainewith Germany reversing its historic policy against sending arms to conflict zones and even deemed neutral Switzerland join the rest of Europe against Moscow.

“This is the rebirth of a new Europe,” said Michael McFaul, former US ambassador to Russia. “I am absolutely shocked, I want to tell you honestly. This is a historic change. I think this will have major consequences for the future of Europe, for the future of the transatlantic alliance, for the future of NATO – just as all of those things were unraveling.

The European Union, For the very first timeagreed on Sunday to directly fund the purchase and delivery of arms, with the intention of sending more than half a billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine as it battles Russian forces in this which the President of the European Commission described as a “decisive moment”.

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