Ajoa Yeboah-Afari receives “Millennium Award of Excellence for Journalism and Media Personality”

Ajoa Yeboah-Afari received “Millennium Award of Excellence for Journalism and Media Personality”

The Millennium Excellence Foundation (MEF) awarded Madame Ajoa Yeboah-Afari, former president of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), the coveted “Millennium Excellence Award for Journalism and Media Personality”, in Kumasi.

This was in recognition of his long commitment to national development for more than three decades.

“You are a proud girl from the ground who is renowned for your principled stand on social justice and democratic governance and have used your profession to promote the same.

“You have lived most of your life standing up against injustices and human rights violations; a course that you take as an author and columnist on different platforms, ”reads a quote in his honor.

The former GJA president was praised for her show of courage on sensitive national issues, which the MEF said were a definition of class statehood and patriotism in nation-building.

“No wonder you won the GJA’s one and only John Kogblenu Bravery Award, and also received special mention in the 2004 National Reconciliation Commission report for taking a bold stand in condemning the executions of 1979 and other human rights violations, ”the quote notes. .

“As a journalist and author whose creative writings continue to excite minds young and old on many social and democratic issues, you stand on our radar to receive this award,” observed the MEF.

The awards, which are held once every five years, are reserved for individuals and organizations with the greatest positive impact on humanity rather than just personal achievement.

MEF laureates are individuals who have significantly improved the well-being of their community or nation, whether in the course of their work or their lives.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in a speech, congratulated the winners for their unwavering commitment to the pursuit of their goals.

“The Foundation understands that neither these glass souvenirs that it brings back today nor the panache of this event live up to the honor that the laureates deserve.

“But in recognizing them here today, we must all remember that no goal is beyond our reach if our determination to succeed is relentless,” said the president.

He observed that Africans benefiting from their resources would need selfless leadership, peace, stability and the extrication of “our subjugated minds to rise up and reach greater heights.”

President Akufo-Addo congratulated the event’s organizers for the noble cause, saying that “true heroes live by example and put integrity before personal gain by doing the right thing when no one is watching” .

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene, said that the MEF, with the advent of awards, is playing a positive role in promoting the pursuit of high achievement at all levels of society.

“The Foundation helps inspire new generations to strive for excellence. This, without it, is worthy of all the effort, ”the king remarked.

The program saw a sample of individuals from diverse professional backgrounds receive awards for having distinguished themselves in their fields of activity.