Are Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd Really Just “Networking”?

Photo-Illustration: The Cup; Photos: Getty Images

We are living in the golden age of subtle relationships. Exhibit A: The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie, who were spotted this weekend at Rihanna’s favorite restaurant, Giorgio Baldi, where they spent over two hours discussing how much black you can wear at one time. Just kidding, no one knows what they were talking about, but these two seem to have been spending quite a bit of time together lately. A suspicious amount for two people who “just network”.

It all started in July, when the two first met at Giorgio Baldi’s (what is this restaurant?), Which of course sparked dating rumors. Days later, a source told the Sun they had private lunch with one of Jolie’s many sons at the end of June. Then in mid-July they went to the same private concert in LA

While these little get-togethers certainly have the makings of a couple, according to “Page Six,” these dates aren’t actually dates at all, but simply fancy business dinners. After their first sighting of Giorgio Baldi, a source told the outlet that The Weeknd was “focused on entering the world of cinema” and therefore on Jolie’s wine and dinner and her Hollywood influence. Having played a 2012 version of himself in Uncut gems, The Weeknd is apparently set for a proper entry on the big screen – he co-writes, produces, and now stars in an HBO series about a pop singer who falls for a cult leader in LA.

It seems their long list of highly professional subjects got Jolie and the Weeknd turned on enough to let the façade slip away – they left the restaurant together in his car, which, again, looks a bit suspicious for two people who don’t. than network. . Hot Girl Summer is over, welcome to… Secretly Dating Fall?