Bank Millennium SA: Andrzej Gliński was elected President of the Association of Employers of Financial Institutions in Konfederacja Lewiatan

On December 10, the Association of Employers of Financial Institutions of Konfederacja Lewiatan, the largest private employers’ organization in Poland, elected new authorities. Andrzej GliÅ„ski – Member of the Management Board of Bank Millennium responsible for corporate banking, became President of the Association.

– I treat this election in terms of confidence. This is a challenge in a changing environment, in which we take on many new challenges and face enormous legislative volatility. The Association offers the opportunity to deepen topics in the context of the financial market and the economy as a whole. It is also an opportunity for me to meet many people involved in shaping the economic reality on the side of private companies. – Andrzej GliÅ„ski commented.

The new authorities of the Association of Employers of Financial Institutions in Konfederacja Lewiatan include:

New Chairman of the Management Board:

Andrzej Gliński (Millennium Bank SA)


Adam Łącki (Krajowy Rejestr Długów Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA)

Patrycja Rogowska-Tomaszycka (Provident Polska SA)

Paweł Zegarłowicz (Bank Handlowy with Warszawie SA)

Congratulations and lots of success!

Konfederacja Lewiatan is the most influential Polish professional organization, representing the interests of employers in Poland and in the European Union. It strives to create a competitive business environment. It cares about sustainable economic growth, better legislation, healthy competition, job growth and strengthening social capital. It is the voice of business. Lewiatan unites more than 4,100 companies employing a total of more than 1 million people. She is a member of the Social Dialogue Council. As the only representative organization of Polish employers, it has a representative office in Brussels and is part of BusinessEurope – the largest European organization representing the interests of entrepreneurs and employers to the European Commission, the European Parliament and to other EU institutions.