BBC’s The Responder is a crime drama starring Martin Freeman

We are witnessing a new golden age of television encouraged by the BBC. Certainly, from an overseas perspective, the network and UK TV as a whole doesn’t seem to be navigating too far beyond the confines of law enforcement + crime drama. But if the formula isn’t broken, why fix it? They already gave us Course of action, Bodyguardand Vigil. Now it’s time to clear your schedules for The answering machine featuring what is hailed as Martin Freeman’s best career performance.

Based on writer-creator Tony Schumacher’s own real-life experiences as a former Liverpool cop, the five-part miniseries revolves around Merseyside police officer Chris Carson (played by Martin Freeman), a man at war with himself recently demoted from the rank of inspector. .

Partnering with your archetypal rookie Rachel Hargreaves (portrayed by Adelayo Adelayo) to take on night-time duties on the mean streets of central Liverpool, the latter’s idealism and inexperience are also matched by a healthy adherence to the rules. ; which should make for an interesting (albeit well explored) contrast of characters alongside the grizzled veteran Freeman.

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“Carson is a conflicted and compromised man with somewhat divided loyalties, a desire to do good, but a streak of violent aggression brought on by childhood trauma exacerbated by his experience in policing,” the official plan of the film describes. ‘plot.

“The effects of Chris’s jobs and mental state are taking a toll on his family.”

Without saying too much, the story kicks into high gear when mid-level drug dealer Carl Sweeney (played by Ian Hart) has his stash of cocaine stolen by local drug addict Casey (played by Emily Fairn). To make matters worse, Carson finds himself “pursued” by the officer responsible for his demotion, who is motivated by less than honorable intentions.

Martin Freeman, Adelayo Adelayo, Ian Hart and Emily Fairn are joined by MyAnna Buring as Kate Carson, Rita Tushingham as June Carson, Warren Brown as Raymond Mullen, Kerrie Hayes as Ellie Mullen, David Bradley as as Davey and Josh Finan as Marco.

Currently the BBC The answering machine is only streaming/streaming on BBC and BBC iPlayer – we’ll keep you posted when it finally arrives in Australia (likely on Binge or Stan), but in the meantime check out the first killer trailer above.