Bradley Cooper: Oscar nominations for his 2 roles in 2021?

Bradley Cooper quickly racked up eight Oscar nominations in just seven years, but he’s yet to win. However, this year he has two chances of winning acting awards: Best Actor for Guillermo Del Toro“Nightmare Alley” and best actor in a supporting role for a still untitled film Paul thomas anderson movie. These happen to be our top two Oscar nominees for Best Picture based on our early chances. So could he end up with two nominations? And if so, could he win one or the two of them?

It’s crucial to preface all of this by pointing out that Del Toro and Anderson’s films have yet to be screened for the press or the public, so that could all change once they see the light of day. But with Del Toro just winning Best Picture and Best Director, “The Shape of Water” and Anderson winning the Oscars with almost all of his films, both films look good on paper. .

As of this writing, our ratings place Cooper fourth for Best Actor for “Nightmare,” where he plays a manipulative carny, and he is third in our ratings for Best Supporting Actor for the Anderson film, which recounts l story of a child star and presents Cooper as a film director. If we’re right, Cooper would only be the fourth man to earn two Oscar nominations for performing in a year. The three men who held this position previously won one of their offers.

Barry fitzgerald was unique in that the academy nominated him for best actor and best supporting actor for the same movie: “Going My Way” (1944). He ended up winning in the support category. Decades later Al Pacino dubbed with a main name for “Scent of a Woman” and a supporting name for “Glengarry Glenn Ross” from 1992 – he won for “Scent of a Woman”. And more recently Jamie foxx was nominated for two performances in 2004: he won the lead role for “Ray” and was nominated as a supporting actor in “Collateral”.

Double nominations have happened much more often for actresses. Nine women achieved the feat, but their results were much more mixed. Four of them won an Oscar: Fay bainter (main nominee for “White Banner”, support winner for “Jezebel”, 1938), Therese Wright (principal nominee for “The Pride of the Yankees”, support winner for “Mrs. Miniver”, 1942), Jessica lange (main nominee for “Frances”, supporting winner for “Tootsie”, 1982), and Holly hunter (Principal Laureate for “The Piano”, Supporting Candidate for “The Firm”, 1993).

The other five women lost their two offers: Sigourney weaver (lead for “Gorillas in the Mist”, in support of “Working Girl”, 1988), Emma thompson (main title for “Les restes du jour”, in support of “In the name of the father”, 1993), Julianne Moore (main title for “Far from Heaven”, in support of “The Hours”, 2002), Cate Blanchett (lead for “Elizabeth: The Golden Age“, in support of “I’m Not There”, 2007), and Scarlett johansson (lead for “Marriage Story”, in support of “Jojo Rabbit”, 2019).

Cooper has been exceptionally unlucky so far, eliminating despite nominations in four different categories: Best Picture (2014 “American Sniper”, “A Star is Born” 2018 and “Joker” 2019), Best Actor (2012 “Silver Linings Playbook , ”“ American Sniper ”and“ A Star is Born ”), Best Supporting Actor (2013’s“ American Hustle ”) and Best Adapted Screenplay (“ A Star is Born ”). But that also means he will have a If both of her films live up to their high expectations, if both films live up to their high expectations, at the very least, history will be on its side.

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