Buffalo Sabers Mascot Sabretooth, History, Reception

All the fun facts, history and trivia you need to know about the Buffalo Sabers mascot

The Buffalo Sabers mascot, Sabretooth, is arguably the most physically imposing of the NHL’s 30 mascots (only the new Seattle Kraken and New York Rangers lack it). The seven-foot-tall, 242-pound saber-toothed tiger has made a living watching the enforcers and opposing crushers he eclipses in size, doing his part to energize everyone at KeyBank Center.

He’s also the last of the saber-toothed cats in existence, which means he’s quite old. While the Sabers scientific community can provide a rough estimate that it’s at least 10,000 years old, Sabretooth is pretty quiet about its actual age. However, when you see him on the ice, you’ll never guess he’s been there for so long.

Sabretooth can trace its ties to the franchise back to the mid-1980s, when Paul Wieland and Budd Bailey were looking for ways to increase fan engagement. After confiding in the team’s then-owners, the Knox family, Sabretooth would debut shortly thereafter.

Sabretooth is as friendly as it is imposing

If you’re at the KeyBank Center on hockey night and you show off that royal blue and gold, Sabretooth will become your best friend. Yes, the physically imposing mascot is a gentle giant, and some of his favorite arena pastimes include chatting with fans, posing with them for selfies and clapping whenever the Sabers play.

Younger Sabers fans around the world love Sabretooth so much that he even took time out of his busy schedule to attend birthday parties, school functions and community events. That said, Sabretooth has become a fan favorite on and off the ice.

Did Buffalo Sabers fans go to Sabretooth?

Sabers fans love Sabretooth, just like the rest of the NHL. In a recent poll conducted by more than 2,000 NHL fans, Sabretooth took second place in the vote, receiving 3.74% of the vote.

And he won almost everything, only trailing Carlton the Bear (Toronto Maple Leafs) by 0.07 points. Sabretooth has taken the NHL and especially Sabers fans by storm since he made his home among them and his popularity will only grow as he becomes even more of a staple in the city of Buffalo.

BUFFALO NY – JANUARY 11: Sabretooth brings fans up and cheers as the Buffalo Sabers take on the Philadelphia Flyers in their NHL game at HSBC Arena on January 11, 2011 in Buffalo, New York. The Flyers won 5-2. (Photo by Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

Besides his age, what is Sabretooth’s story?

Like her age, Sabretooth is mom for most of her backstory. Although NHL historians have traced its roots somewhere to the north, deep in the alpine forests where winter lasts between October and May and spring confides in the first week of June.

The lakes are frozen for about eight months of the year, so Sabretooth learned to skate and he developed his skills to rival those of the NHL’s top stars. After a few thousand years, life in the forests got pretty boring, so he came to Buffalo and made a career out of the energizing crowds at KeyBank Center.

When he’s not staring at the opposition, posing for selfies, and exchanging high-fives with the Sabers faithful, you can find Sabretooth jamming classics like The eye of the tiger, eat chicken wings, play the drums and even go 4×4 on the ice. Not one to be afraid of heights, Sabretooth also likes to push off the ceiling.

Is Sabretooth on Twitter?

Yes! You can follow Sabretooth here for news, updates and other Sabretooth sightings both inside and outside the KeyBank Center.