Burnaby to install special lighting on 5 km of SkyTrain Expo line

A major public space upgrade is underway for the SkyTrain Expo line elevated guideway in Burnaby.

The city government plans to spend $ 9.8 million to install new permanent special lighting that illuminates the underside of the elevated guideway between Patterson and Edmonds stations, for a total distance of just under five kilometers.

This accent lighting would be installed on the columns that support the elevated guideway – similar to the City of Coquitlam lighting under the elevated guideway of the Millennium Line Evergreen Extension along North Road and Pinetree Way, and the City of Richmond lighting for the Canada Line along Route 3.

Burnaby City Council is expected to approve a contract award next week to Bay Hill Contracting for the first phase of work between Patterson Station and Metrotown Station, valued at $ 3.45 million. Under the contract, their work fully covers all aspects of the project, including design, engineering, supply and installation.

The city says special consideration should be given to digital lighting capabilities between Metrotown station and just east of Royal Oak station, which is part of Burnaby’s urban creative corridor – the downtown expanse from Metrotown along Beresford Avenue which is activated by public art.

As negotiated by the city during the rezoning, new building designs along Beresford Street near the Metrotown station have incorporated significant public art on or facing the street. SkyTrain column and guideway lighting would complement the growing number of artwork in the area, with lighting for this specific section required to have additional projection features such as the ability to schedule and modify colors and patterns to allow personalized and thematic effects, depending on the theme, season, holiday or event.

Example of nocturnal digital projections under the SkyTrain Expo Line elevated guideway in the Urban Creative Corridor. (City of Burnaby)

In addition, lights from the Urban Creative Corridor could also be projected onto the BC Parkway walking and cycling trails.

“This pedestrian corridor will become a venue for urban arts-related events, productions, exhibits, performances and installations that are ‘distance-compliant’ while providing fully immersive and memorable experiences for community members and residents. visitors to Burnaby, ”reads the city’s project description.

“Accessible to all ages and abilities, the Burnaby Urban Creative Corridor harnesses the power of the creative arts and artistic expression to build an engaged, prosperous and more vibrant community in the heart of South Burnaby.

The lighting of the Burnaby skytrain exhibition line

Diagram of the special lighting infrastructure under the elevated guideway of the SkyTrain Expo line. (City of Burnaby)

skytrain millenium line coqutlam pinetree way lighting

Example of special lighting under the SkyTrain Millennium Line guideway in Coquitlam. (City of Coquitlam)

The contractor must complete the first lighting bay of the Metrotown station at Willingdon Avenue by December 22, 2021, just before Christmas. Under the same contract, two more spans from Patterson Station to Willingdon Avenue and Metrotown Station to Imperial Street have a deadline for completion by April 8, 2022.

For the remaining spans, city staff aim to cover costs under the next 2022-2026 investment plan. The span from Imperial Street to Royal Oak station would be completed by June 17, 2022 at a cost of $ 1.4 million, and the final span from Royal Oak station to Edmonds station by January 31 2023 at a cost of $ 4.9 million.

When fully completed, the entire facility would also serve to improve the aesthetics and nighttime safety of the BC Parkway trails.

Over the years, Burnaby has also made improvements to the public realm of the Lougheed Road median used by the Millennium Line guideway in the Brentwood area.