Check It Out: Try Great Titles Together

February 2022 offers not one but two full days of two: 2-2-22 and 2-22-22. I think the preponderance of two in 2022 is definitely worth celebrating, so this is the first of two columns honoring the number two, the smaller and only even prime number.

Today’s playlist focuses on famous duets. You’ll find that both real and fictional couples are depicted, including an unusual couple who embrace the duality of human nature (check out Spencer Tracy’s performance as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the “Turner Classic Movies” DVD “).

I hope one or two of these titles are worth two cents of your time. Now, let’s give reading and entertainment two boos!

  • Antony and Cleopatra: “Cleopatra: The Queen Who Defied Rome and Conquered Eternity” by Alberto Angela.
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: “Turner Classic Movies Greatest Classic Legends Film Collection: Spencer Tracy” [DVD]
  • Marie and Pierre Curie: “Marie Curie and her daughters: the private life of the first family of science” by Shelley Emling.
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse: “Wild Minds: The Artists and Rivalries That Inspired the Golden Age of Animation” by Reid Mitenbuler.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson: “The Case of the Murderous Dr Cream: The Hunt for the Victorian Serial Killer” by Dean Jobb.

Jan Johnston is the Collections Development Coordinator for Fort Vancouver Regional Libraries. Email him at