Choosing the Right Career: Balancing Financial Needs with the Work You Love

Is the right career the one that pays the bills or the one that excites you? Is it possible to have the best of both worlds?

“Do what you love and you won’t work one day!” A common saying, but one that needs to be removed. As we’ve seen with the gig economy, turning your passion into a job is…well…a job. All jobs have levels of stress, even if you love what you do. So when it comes to supporting yourself, should you choose the career you love or the one that pays the bills? Is it possible to do both?

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First and foremost, decide what you like to do. Since an average career can last up to 10 years or more, you want to make sure you’re getting into something you love doing or are passionate about. Thinking long term is key here.

The next thing is to decide which lifestyle do you prefer? Keep in mind the 10 year rule here. Are you a day person or a night person? Do you want to own a house or would you agree to rent an apartment? Would you like to own a luxury car or two, or are you happy with a decent electric vehicle?

You need to consider the type of lifestyle you prefer, as this will help determine how much money you need to earn. This exercise will show you how much you would eventually need to earn. Once you’ve decided what will be an acceptable and enjoyable lifestyle for you, you can dig deeper into your career choice.

Meet the right people

Once you know what you want to do and how much you’d like to earn, find the people who are already doing it. Take them out for a cup of coffee or watch them. Start meeting people in the industry you want to work in and start interviewing them. Ask them questions about how they like their job, if there is a work-life balance, and what they enjoy most about their profession.

The idea here is to get people in your “future” career to turn the tide. They can even help you with the right kind of courses and such. For example, acquiring fintech skills are a must if you love the online banking industry. Once you have all this information, making a choice shouldn’t be difficult. When you have gone through these steps, the response that should arise will be more precise and natural.


Choosing the right career means finding a balance between what you love and how you want to live. Also, keep an open mind as much as you can. It is also acceptable to branch out and explore other aspects of this industry or anything that may be completely different. As you progress through your career and accomplish various things, focus on maintaining a Competency-Based Resume and update it regularly. Thus, you will be ready to seize the opportunities that will arise along the way. Life always has its ups and downs, and if during this time you need more support then check out My salary in Canada for online payday loans. It is one of the most respected payday loan companies in Canada.