CoinEx Smart Chain | Get Lots of CET and NFT Rewards in CSC Q1 Airdrop Week

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To better give back to users in the ecosystem, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) will hold quarterly airdrop events in 2022. In each event, CSC will offer users different rewards. On March 21, 2022, CSC, in conjunction with the chain’s two Mini Utopia and Omega Club projects, launched NFT Airdropping Week for Q1 with huge rewards for all participants.

CSC is an EVM-enabled public chain built by the CoinEx team. With its unique consensus mechanism of CPoS, the public chain enjoys high efficiency (with a blocking time of 3 seconds) and low transaction fees (less than 0.01 USDT), which is open, transparent and user-friendly. for developers. Although Ethereum is the largest NFT underlying network at the moment, after the NFT boom last year, CSC solves the network congestion and high costs of Ethereum, and provides an improved infrastructure for the development of NFT, thereby attracting more and more NFT project developers.

Mini Utopia and Omega Club in this airdrop event are new NFT projects. Mini Utopia, the first and only NFT price voting platform, aims to determine the price of NFTs through a voting system. Mini Utopia NFTs as airdrop rewards are officially issued by Mini Utopia and can be redeemed directly on the Marketplace. Omega Club is a “Play to Earn” NFT card game. With Omega Club NFT, you can form a team to join Omega P2E games and receive Omega as a reward.

CSC Airdrop Week for Q1

Event Duration: 0:00 March 21, 2022 – 0:00 March 26, 2022 (UTC)

During this event, in collaboration with Mini Utopia and Omega Club, CSC prepares generous gifts for users, including 20,000 CET, 200 Omega Club NFTs (worth 20 USD each) and 15 Mini Utopia NFTs.

CSC’s Q1 airdrop week will finally attract 200 lucky users, each of them will receive 100 CET and 1 Omega Club NFT worth 20 USD, and the first 15 users who share the event will each receive 1 Mini Utopia NFT.

How to participate in the NFT airdrop:

  1. Click on the link:;
  2. Complete the first 5 mandatory tasks such as follow account and retweet in the link to access the airdrop event;
  3. The more optional tasks you complete, the more chances you have of earning rewards;
  4. Click Sponsor in the link to generate an exclusive share link, share this link and invite friends to join the event. The more friends you share with you, the more chances you have of getting rewards.
Among the mandatory tasks of the CSC airdrop week for the first quarter

Please follow the official Twitter for more event details:

To achieve the vision of CSC — Born for Open Finance

As an emerging public chain, CSC has adhered to the vision of “being the infrastructure of the blockchain world” since its launch on the mainnet. It has made steady progress through the development of strong technologies and functioning of the ecosystem, and has achieved good results in the past six months. To provide infrastructure services to developers and users in the ecosystem, CSC has launched block explorers, cross-chain bridges, and tools that support various on-chain data aggregations and statistics; In terms of ecosystem functioning, CSC has rolled out community activities, global hackathons, tens of millions of dollars support fund and the ambassador recruitment program, and all these efforts have paid off. Now, CSC ecosystem projects cover many popular tracks such as NFT, GameFi, and DeFi.

CSC will continue to cooperate with ecosystem projects and hold more quarterly airdrop events to provide users with more benefits. It will also accelerate ecosystem development by providing better underlying infrastructure and developer services and guidance for quality projects. As CSC’s slogan, “Born for Open Finance,” suggests, CSC will always be committed to building infrastructure and providing services to create a more open financial environment and a better future for blockchain.