COMMENTARY: Soft sectarianism of liberal electoral litigants | Opinion

WE, and by all of us – black, white, poor, rich – are living in the golden age of voting opportunities. Having only proof that you exist (if that), millions of us can vote early, at home, abroad, late at night, on bilingual ballots, and without any pre-registration or forethought.

None of these subtleties are historically mandatory. I’m old enough to remember when I had to show up on polling day to vote and I, a confused young biracial voter with no income, survived.

Yet Democrats, American business and the media would have us believe that without free meals and outside drop-boxes (Georgia), or drive-thru voting and overnight (Texas), states are robbing minorities of their own. rights.

On the day it was enacted, at least five lawsuits were filed against Texas Election Law. The numerous lawsuits allege that because “fraud is rare” any attempt by the state to reduce or prevent it must be discriminatory.

The end of the game is obvious: turn on the base and increase Democratic participation.

Weird, I don’t see any lawsuits challenging the Wyoming Voter ID Act. I wonder why?

These prosecutions are not based on legitimate concerns that electoral integrity measures could limit access to the vote. They aim to stir up racial divide, secure minority votes, and secure Democrat control in what militant lawyers perceive to be swing states.