CryptoToday: decentralization and fair referencing are no longer a utopia

Currently, millions of individuals are monitoring and researching cryptocurrencies on the most centralized websites, which is completely contradictory to the fact that the crypto world was designed to be decentralized.

The problem is that the biggest aggregators run the game. The big tokens have no problem spreading the word, but what about the newer ones – with projects that have just started. Being listed on one of the biggest aggregators can make or break you. How do you do this?

Decentralized Community Cryptocurrency Search and Listing Platform

CryptoToday is a future decentralized crypto data and listings platform created by the community for the community. Listing a project in the early stages of building a community takes a lot of time to gain exposure and spread the word. The project wishes to be referenced on a site to obtain validation and social proof.

The listing process these days often includes big kickbacks to so-called “agencies” if you don’t want to wait a few months while the project fails. Even if you’re lucky and get listed on the sites, you’ll probably end up unfairly ranked on page 100.

Why is CryptoToday different? Complete and submit the nomination form; you instantly arrive on the community’s voting page, the community verifies and validates the information you have provided, and at most 108 hours you are listed. Not only are you listed, but you’ve been massively exposed by the community, and guess what? They have already carefully checked your white paper. Being listed and voted by the community and all of that is true of the blockchain and fully decentralized. What about users who vote? They are no exception.

Vote 2 Win

All users who are an active part of the CryptoToday community can earn just by validating the information in the given project proposals. After verifying the information provided and checking the boxes, the user can lock their $LIST tokens into the vote. After the voting time expires, the majority of the votes are those who pass and share the reward pool given by the project.

Launch of the fair

  • The listing is extremely fast (108h maximum) and accurate
  • No CV
  • Everything is community
  • Newly listed projects will instantly benefit from a strong reputation with the community (free marketing)
  • Vote 2 wins will reward those who vote the most
  • No presale

Not even speculators! Because at the fair launch scheduled for March 7, 2022, you get 10% of the tokens, with the remaining 90% unlocked at a rate of 10% per month, supporting holders and true believers in the decentralized crypto space.

Each Investor Token will be unlocked before Team Tokens become available.

You can read more about CryptoToday on their website and in the white paper. Also feel free to follow them on Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

Disclaimer: This is a paid publication and should not be considered news or advice.