DC: the 10 most underrated heroes, ranked

DC was the main architect of the modern superhero, starting with Superman in the Golden Age. Since then, they’ve created a coterie of incredible heroes. Many of them are among the most famous heroes in comics, having passed them to become multimedia stars. However, not all heroes may be some of the most famous of all time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it.

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DC is full of underrated heroes who, for one reason or another, don’t get the applause of others. Some of them fell out of favor and others weren’t so lucky to shine.

ten Fire is a fun powerhouse

Fire is one of the top members of Justice League International, which was itself one of the top lists in the Justice League. The powers of fire are simple and obvious, it creates and controls a special green light. On top of that, she’s also one of the most entertaining members of the team, which says a lot about the JLI.

Fire doesn’t get much love outside of JLI covers, which is a tragedy. She’s just a fun character, capable of doing a lot of damage when she needs it, and quick with a joke. There are so many ways it could be used to make it more popular.

9 Miss Martian has everything she needs to be a superstar

Miss Martian flying in the air

Miss Martian is a big deal in the Young justice cartoon, but for some reason she never really did much in the comics. She’s a Martian, which means she has all of the best superpowers, she has a bubbly personality that makes her a joy to read, and a very cool secret that adds a lot to her character.

Miss Martian could use a stint in the Justice League or another of DC’s big teams in order to get more spotlight. She can hang out with the most powerful heroes and her serious heroic demeanor would make a great addition to any party.

8 Jakeem Thunder never had a good jerk

The revival of Justice Society in the late ’90s brought to light many legacy characters, including Jakeem Thunder. Finding the pen that Golden Age hero Johnny Thunder used to summon the genius of the fifth dimension the Thunderbolt, Jakeem joined the JSA and became one of its most powerful and irreverent members.

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Jakeem has grown a lot over the years as a character and was one of the big hitters in the group. He and the Thunderbolt were a great team, especially once Johnny himself bonded with the Thunderbolt. A stint on the Teen Titans would give him the attention he needs to shine.

seven Tempest has grown a lot over the years

Garth as Tempest the Sorcerer

Garth has been going through Tempest these days, but he started out as Aqualad and is one of a number of acolytes who have grown in power over the years. He is a master of Atlantean magic and possesses the requisite super strength and durability that all Atlanteans have. This made him a formidable hero and he has mostly worked with the Titans over the years.

As Atlantis’ first magical protector, Tempest got lost in the reshuffle with Aquaman and Mera returning to center stage. He’s an experienced and powerful hero who hasn’t had the chances that the other ancient Titans have.

6 Jaime Reyes puts the blue beetle back on the map

Blue Beetle is a rather venerable mantle in the DC Universe, and Jaime Reyes brought it into the 21st century. Jaime, unlike his direct predecessor Ted Kord, powered the Scarab Beetle, obtaining overpowered armor. Jaime’s time as the Blue Beetle redefined the mantle and he was one of the brightest stars of his generation of superheroes.

Jaime had a lot of love for a long time, but when Ted Kord’s death was found he took the place of the old Blue Beetle. Jaime is a great hero and the history of the Scarab has given him built-in enemies. Giving him another shot at shining might make him a legend, and with a movie coming up, he just might get his chance.

5 No Hourman ever got the love he deserves

Hourman from JSA

There have been three different Hourmen over the years and none of them have been shaken up too much. The first Hourman, Rex Tyler, was a founding member of the Justice Society and his addiction to Miraclo made him more interesting than most of his compatriots. His son was the second Hourman and defeated many of the same demons as his father to become a staunch member of the modern JSA.

The third Hourman was a nano-based android from the future with a variety of time-based powers. Each has their strengths and none of them receive the love they deserve compared to the other heroes. Hourman is a big part of the DC Universe that more people need to know about.

4 Jesse Quick is one of the best legacy heroes no one has heard of

Jesse Chambers Liberty Belle

Jesse Quick continued in his father’s footsteps, learning his speed formula and tapping into the Speed ​​Force. After her death, she took the name Quick and started dating Flash before joining the JSA and becoming one of its most beloved members. Eventually, she would also gain the super strength and durability of her mother Liberty Belle, making her strong and fast.

Jesse Quick is a do-it-all hero who is extremely entertaining. The wife of the second Hourman, the two made a great team and Jesse is one of the best unsung heroes of his generation.

3 Hawkman should be treated much better

Hawkman with weight lifted in the air

Hawkman is one of DC’s most important and complicated characters. Making his debut in the Golden Age as a member of the JSA, he was brought back as a space policeman from the planet Thanagar to the Silver Age. Crisis on Infinite Earths destroyed its origin and made it very complicated, which is one of the reasons it’s so hard to sell in modern comics.

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Every modern Hawkman story has to start with a story that makes sense of its tangled origin, but that’s not the way to go. Hawkman is a guy with wings and a mass who is smart and loves to hit bad guys. Everything else is baggage.

2 Kyle Rayner was unfairly eclipsed

Kyle Rayner was part of the ’90s replacement character group and possibly the most successful. As the Green Lantern, Kyle revived the declining franchise and brought it back to the forefront. He went on to become one of the most powerful lanterns of all time, but once Hal Jordan returned he took a back seat. While he’s been in the overall books, there’s a whole generation of fans out there who don’t know why he’s so amazing.

Kyle was a mainstay of the JLA and helped defeat some of the DC Universe’s greatest threats. He’s a great, multi-faceted character and putting him back in the League would go a long way in making him famous again.

1 Mister Terrific Should Be The Greatest Superhero In The DC Universe

Batman and Mister Terrific interrogate a Pykkt in Strange Adventures # 8

Mister Terrific is one of DC’s smartest heroes. He is the ultimate mathematician; a multiple doctorate, a gold medalist Olympic decathlete and a genius inventor. He’s the greatest leader of modern Justice Society and his Batman counterpart, except he’s actually a good person. In fact, even Batman admits that Terrific is better than him.

Terrific is great in just about any environment, whether alone, in the JSA, or with the Terrifics. He’s one of DC’s greatest leaders, an incredible fighter, and there’s no case he can’t solve. He could easily be DC’s biggest star with little work.

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