DieHardBirdie’s Golden Snipers challenge Japan’s Matagi Snipers

DieHardBirdie, the oldest CS: GO world champion, has challenged the Japanese Matagi Snipers on behalf of his new team, the Golden Snipers.

The challenge, if Matagi Snipers accepts, will take place in the summer of 2022 at DreamHack Dallas 2022. In the event that the showmatch continues, it will be a historic moment where professional competitors will show how age does not end its life. competitive advantage and ability to profit from video games.

“We are both honored and delighted to extend this challenge to compete with the highly skilled Matagi Snipers,” said Golden Snipers team captain Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Borg. “Playing against the best in the world is what motivates me, but for the team it’s about more than winning; we aim to prove that age does not affect skill level. You just have to have the courage to play. “

The showmatch is an brainchild of Original Gamer Life (OGLife), which recently signed DieHardBirdie and started trials for new members of the Golden Snipers.

“Everything is in good time, and we look forward to facing the Matagi Snipers in a dignified battle,” said Brandon Sivret, CEO of Original Gamer Life. “OGLife strives to encourage better socialization with insufficiently supported game demographics, and a featured match between the Golden Snipers and Matagi Snipers will show the level of greatness that is achievable when people with shared visions communes come together. “

The Matagi Snipers and Golden Snipers are both made up of veteran players aged 60 and over. Both organizations aim to inspire senior gamers to believe in their abilities and to show that age shouldn’t be a barrier for people to enjoy whatever they want in life, including video games. To stay inspired, you can follow DieHardBirdie on Twitter and Twitch.

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