Elites Lead US in Pursuit of Utopia | Letters to the Editor

Your article gives a lot of room to theories such as the “circular economy” put forward by these great thinkers with a dog in the fight. You devote far too little to the observations of the good old men who have spent their lives in the engine rooms that run our economy.

The view from below tells us we wouldn’t have a problem to solve if the elite didn’t indulge so much excess and waste so much taxpayer money planning some fantastic props for sagging skies. .

It is not theory, but a glaring fact that the United States is following Lenin’s ten proven steps to destroy existing governments and that we are pretty much at step eight. I know this from ancient memory and yet our educated elite, with their vast knowledge of history, do not publish a word about it. Are they already afraid of Big Brother?

I fear that the ninth step, involving de facto or a real suspension of our constitution, will be attempted before our next midterm elections, or that the pendulum of opportunities will, once again, temporarily drift away from the likelihood of success by indulging us in “utopia.”

Considering the hedonistic character of our contemporary society; There is a good chance that we will take advantage of Lenin’s “utopia” with its inherent basic shortages and severely rationed freedoms before the end of the decade. My political predictions have been about 70 percent correct since Truman’s victory. I never prayed to be wrong. I’m on this one. Why do the plans for the future of the great thinkers always involve real suffering for the popular classes?