Federer, Nadal and Serena Williams the most followed on social networks

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams are of course the most followed tennis players on social media.. In recent years, social networks have become part of our daily lives. Almost the whole planet uses it, and in these twenties of the new millennium they are developing more and more and more and more are born.

Tennis too, like all other sports and all societies in the world, has had to adapt to this way of life. The main world tournaments and all the tennis players present in the circuit have at least one official account between instagram, facebook and twitter.

The most popular and used by tennis players to tell, even moments of daily and private life, has become Instagram, which is the account par excellence of several stars. To be in first place in this special ranking of currently active tennis players is Serena Williams, followed by the three fabulous Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.


1 Serena Williams 14.3 million followers
2 Rafael Nadal 13.7 million followers
3 Novak Djokovic 10.3 million followers
4 Roger Federer 9 million followers
5 Naomi Osaka 2.8 million followers
6 Emma Raducanu 2.3 million followers
7 Genie Bouchard 2.1 million subscribers
8 Andy Murray 1.8 million followers
9 Alexander Zverev 1.6 million followers
9 Venus Williams 1.6 million followers
9 Simona Halep 1.6 million followers The top four doesn’t change if you read the numbers from facebook and twitter, but the layout does.

In the social created by Mark Zuckerberg Roger commands, while in the social where twitter is the master there is Mallorcan in everyone’s head


1 Roger Federer 18.5 million followers.
2 Rafael Nadal 14.7 million followers
3 Novak Djokovic 10.6 million followers
4 Serena Williams 7.4 million followers
5 Andy Murray 3.4 million followers
6 Venus Williams 3 million followers
7 Simona Halep 1.8 million followers
8 Victoria Azarenka 1.3 million followers
9 Angelique Kerber 890,000 subscribers
10 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 776 thousand subscribers


1 Rafael Nadal 15.6 million followers
2 Roger Federer 12.7 million followers
3 Serena Williams 10.7 million followers
4 Novak Djokovic 9 million followers
5 Andy Murray 3.5 million followers
6 Venus Williams 1.7 million followers
7 Stan Wawrinka 1.7 million followers
8 Genie Bouchard 1.6 million subscribers
9 Victoria Azarenka 1.3 million followers
10 Naomi Osaka 1.1 million followers