Five Creators Share How They Got Their Content Game

In today’s digital world, the canvas is vast and open to anyone who wants to dip a brush into the future, reinvent possibilities, unleash expression and write tomorrow’s history. One post, one band, one live, one reel – social media has completely changed the way we communicate, a change that has reached new heights with the pandemic.

The second edition of Fuel for India, presented by Meta, explored this theme in more detail through a virtual event filled with stories of courage, passion and purpose, all fueling a new future for the country. At the event, five content creators used the power of Facebook and Instagram to create intriguing conversations online and create lasting impact using words. Each of these creators come from diverse backgrounds and explore different themes, but are linked by social media feed.

The virtual event saw actor, performer, drag artist and LGBTQIA activist Sushant Divgikar Aka Rani Ko-He-Nur (@sushantdivgikr), in conversation with the hilarious Sharan Hegde (@financewithsharan), champion of mental health Divija Bhasin (@ awkwardgoat3), comedian Srishti Dixit (@srishtipatch) and artist Vishnu Kaushal (@thevishnukaushal) who shared their backgrounds, how they grew as content creators and the roadmap to 2022. A few excerpts.

“We are living the golden age of expression” : Sushant Divgikar Aka Rani Ko-He-Nur (@sushantdivgikr)

“Ten years ago, we didn’t know what a content creator was. And, today in 2021, we are living the golden age of expression in India. Facebook and Instagram are platforms for expression and they have something for everyone, ”Divgikar said.

Social media has offered the power to reach a part of society that might not even be able to enter a room due to their gender, orientation, color, size. Today, they are empowered and can make themselves heard with their content.

“You have to know how to make content to showcase yourself” : Sharan B Hegde (@financewithsharan), Economically hilarious

The Financial Genius Hedge entered the world of content creation a year ago. “Once the pandemic hit, I consumed a lot of videos on multiple platforms and several creators inspired me to create something on my own,” he said.

But what prompted him to choose personal finance among all the topics available? “Personal finance is something I’ve always been very good at. So my effort is to educate people on at least the basics of finance so that they don’t get caught off guard. It’s not just for the boring parts of finance, but for the important things. It’s something that affects us all, no matter what we do, ”he added.

His two cents to everyone is that while you don’t want to get into content creation full time, you have to learn how to make content show up in today’s world.

“People are going to judge you anyway. You might as well be paid for that ” : Divija Bhasin (@ awkwardgoat3), champion of mental health

Divija Bhasin has strong opinions on all matters, especially those affecting mental health, and makes no apologies at all.

“I have a lot of opinions about things in our society that are very much related to mental health. But we don’t realize it. I started making videos about issues like this. I really like it – I always had these thoughts but I never said them out loud. But now I have a platform to do it, ”she said.

Through her work, she tries to debunk myths about mental health and raise awareness of issues close to her heart. Others may agree or disagree with his point of view, but that doesn’t stop him from sharing.

“Don’t be afraid of people’s judgment and do whatever you want to do” : Srishti Dixit (@srishtipatch), the girl next door

Dixit has touched many facets of everyday life with its eclectic content. “I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to be extremely informative, politically correct and just the right kind of influence on everyone who followed me and put myself on some kind of pedestal when I did that,” she said.

Over the past few months, she has eased the pressure on herself and focused on entertainment, more than anything else.

The content space has changed a lot over the past decade, but it’s the future. “I just feel like it’s a very dynamic space to be in. Gen Z is killing it in this format, they’re the future, and they’ll be the taste makers too,” she says. The content space has evolved from creating 5 minute videos to 1 minute videos at just 15 seconds now.

“Use content creation skills to explore your passion” : Vishnu Kaushal (@thevishnukaushal), the man with many characters

Kaushal has changed perceptions and influenced people with his rib-tickling content, when he just feels like he’s having fun! “My main motivation for doing anything is to have fun,” Kaushal said. Back in the days when there was no way to share content, he and his brother would create videos just for fun. When the pandemic hit, he suddenly realized his videos were going viral. “I feel like I’m always creating content. I just got noticed, ”he joked.

In this quest to create content “just for fun”, he hit 100K one night and that was when he started to believe he was doing it for a living. The content space has changed dramatically after the pandemic, and abbreviated content has exploded like everything. All platforms present it today.

Her advice to everyone: “Use content creation skills to explore your passion like I do today and it made me happier than ever. “