Five more art exhibitions in the city to visit this month

You may have already booked your tickets for the very exciting Miyazaki and Dali exhibitions that we mentioned in our blog Coming in July. But in case you want more, we wanted to draw your attention to a few other exhibitions going on in the city!

Supermarket in Beijing at Red Brick

Until August 1, more than two dozen artists have combined their efforts at the Red Brick Art Museum to tackle notions of urban consumption and contemporary economics (yes, including cryptocurrencies).

The cross-media exhibition is curated by the famous French philosopher and musicologist Peter Szendy, and presents the works of Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, French artist Yves Klein, among many others. If you can’t make it this month, don’t worry, as it will reopen from October through April. Contemporary art museum in red bricks. Banknotes 150 RMB.

March 2035 Immersive exhibition on science and art

Do you dream of leaving this planet for something more … red? Before you board Jeff Bezos’ private space yacht, you might want to get a taste of what you’re trading for. From July 11, the China Millennium Monument will host an immersive exhibit on Earth’s neighbor.

Tickets will go on sale closer to the launch of the exhibition and can be purchased through the following URL: China Millennium Monument. RMB 66+.

Woldu Afewerki: EMOTIONS | A 2021 Beijing African Week art exhibition

The works of Ethiopian artist Woldu Afewerki celebrate tradition as much as they explore triumph and tragedy. At this exhibition, which runs until August 3 at Beijing’s Cultural Innovation Park, Afewerki’s family will present 20 of their most beloved pieces. Beijing Cultural Innovation Park.

Pink contemporary art exhibition at JEN Beijing

If you’re heading for a pint at Beersmith, you might want to pop into the hotel lobby at JEN to check out their exhibit which is … well, pink! From pink rhinos to pink rabbits, over 60 pieces through mediums and various Chinese artists are presented. Best of all, free! JEN Hotel. Free entrance.

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Images courtesy of the exhibitions