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DS Automobiles is a relatively new name in the automotive world. Indeed, it was launched in 2014, as a luxury spin-off from Citroën. The French have always been at the forefront of making radical cars and the Citroën DS is revered as one of the most innovative and original cars of its time.

Now, DS Automobiles continues the quirky French lineage with its all-electric luxury E-Tense range. But the recently presented DS E-Tense Performance Concept adds a sporty angle to the package. Based on the 2016 E-Tense, the Performance Concept adds the magic of Formula E to the luxury package.

Beneath that color-changing dress is a Formula E car with 805 horsepower and AWD. Aerodynamics were given importance here, with the wheels also getting aero blades. DS is making this concept a project bed for all of its future electric vehicles, and most likely for other automakers under the Stellantide umbrella too.

The DS E-Tense Performance Concept is an 805 horsepower Formula E car wrapped in a sharp dress.

The good old 2016 DS E-Tense concept gets a makeover

  DS E-Tense Performance Concept front overhead view

It’s not a completely new concept, but a more racy version of the 2016 DS E-Tense Concept. DS gave us the E-Tense shortly after it spun off from Citroën to become a standalone entity. . It also makes the radical French automaker one of the youngest on the market.

While the dimensions remain unchanged, DS has given its sharp concept an even sharper makeover. On the outside, it gets more aggressive aero end caps, carbon fiber parts and a bold new face. And underneath is a real Formula E machine.

DS E-Tense Performance Packs Formula-E Size With Huge 5,900 lb-ft of Torque


The major upgrade is under that silky skin. The DS E-Tense Performance packs a twin-motor layout that puts out 805 horsepower. But it was the astonishing 5,900 lb-ft of torque at the wheels that dilated our pupils. It uses a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis. And all the underpinnings are taken straight from the DS Techeetah Formula E Gen2 car.

DS E-Tense Performance Concept close-up rear view

It’s a racing car in disguise (and quite dashing). DS specifies that it has a regenerative braking system capable of absorbing 600 kW of energy. That’s the same as its power output, and that means this road race car can brake as hard as it accelerates.

Driving dynamics have been given special attention and this concept comes with a suspension layout that aims to provide the best grip on different types of tarmac. The battery pack is developed in collaboration with TotalEnergies and Saft.

This resulted in cutting-edge integration of chemistry and technology with increased cooling through a cleverly designed Quartz EV Fluid solution. In short, the battery can take a lot of heat. Related: DS X E-Tense is a dream supercar concept aiming for 2035

DS introduces a cool new face of the future with aerodynamic appeal and DRLs made up of 800 LEDs

DS E-Tense Performance Concept front end at night

The basic proportions of the E-Tense Performance concept are identical to those of the 2016 E-Tense. But DS went back to the drawing board to give it an all-new body with improved aerodynamics, increased aggressiveness and a whole new front end. .

DS has incorporated its new design language as shown with the DS Aero Sport Lounge Concept Car. The “DS” logo is surrounded by thin LED lighting fibers which gives it a 3D effect. This special treatment instead of a regular old grille also has a welcome streak when you approach the vehicle.

The new fang-shaped DRLs are huge and consist of a total of 800 LEDs stacked together. There are no headlights, but cameras that will record data for DS to improve and enhance various features of their future EVs.

DS E-Tense performance concept looks great from every angle

Aerodynamics were also held in high regard. DS gives the E-Tense Performance Concept car aggressive carbon fiber inserts. This also includes the aggressive front spoiler and rear splitter. The hood has aerodynamic vents to help airflow. The cool-looking 21-inch wheels also contain aero inserts for reduced drag.

The outer chameleon shade with a hue of green, gold, blue and black adds to the cool factor. The color changes at every given angle and contrasts starkly with the gloss black elements, which include the hood, roof, aero tips and wheels.

DS E-Tense Performance interior is sculpted in black leather and French silverware

DS E-Tense Performance Concept rear view

Not much has been revealed about the interior of the DS E-Tense Performance Concept. But it’s said to be driver-focused with bucket seats and a Formula E steering wheel. Comfort has been given pride of place with a leather-trimmed cabin. Additionally, to spice up your eardrums, DS has added a FOCAL Utopia in-car audio system that incorporates a pair of exclusive Scala Utopia Evo speakers.

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DS also introduces E-Tense performance to the world of NFTs

DS E-Tense Performance Concept rear angle view

DS has also taken the NFT route with its new concept car. But unlike static images like other NFTs, this concept car can also be driven in the virtual world. Developed by GOAToi Entertainment, the NFT DS E-Tense Performance will be available and controllable on the Pavilion platform.

Two different NFT series have been auctioned from February 7, 2022. 100 units of this concept car will be sold virtually as part of the “100′ Series – 100% Electric” initiative. Later, two copies of the “Series 100′ – 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 2 seconds” will be auctioned for 50 days.

The E-Tense performance concept is a testbed for DS’s all-electric future

DS E-Tense Performance Concept wheel close-up hd wallpaper

The DS E-Tense Performance Concept will be the test bed for all future electric vehicles from this radical French manufacturer. DS has already made a name for itself by being a car manufacturer to have a 100% electric range since 2020. The E-Tense Performance Concept gives an idea of ​​​​DS’ vision on the design and performance of future EVs. And we already love it!


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