GALLERY: Happy Twos-day! Students mark the millennium date once

Two-minute dance parties held at 2:22 a.m. on the 22nd day of the second month in the year 2022.

That’s how some Hunter classrooms hosted a pretty unique calendar date on Tuesday.

The date 02/22/2022 has only happened once before – in the year 1011, and after Tuesday it will never happen again.

This is called a palindrome, and it occurs when today’s date can be read backwards and forwards the same way.

AT St James Primary School Kotara South it was a day apparently sponsored by the letter “T” and the number “two” with most of the school’s 400 students dressed in tutus and ties to mark the occasion.

Paige Pringle, the school’s Year 4 class teacher, said despite the frivolity, the single date was a chance to reflect on what has been a difficult two years for the youngsters.

“Today, or Twosday, was a chance for the kids to bring back some community spirit,” she said.

“They’ve been missing so much lately and marking today’s date with some dress up and a few games just lets them have some fun again.

“We had to stay in our cohorts, but it’s a glimpse of ‘normal’ life again and it was exciting.”

Ms Pringle’s eight and nine year old students participated in an activity of writing a time capsule.

Students were asked to record where they thought they would be in 11 years, as of 03/03/2033.

Most of her students, she said, will be in their 20s.

“There were some very interesting responses,” Ms Pringle said.

“One said he would be a famous football player then, we also had a qualified diesel mechanic, and several said they would travel the world.”

The group was then asked to draw what they think they will look like then.

“It’s always an interesting exercise,” she says.

“Most of the boys drew themselves as they are, only taller, and most of them added a mustache.”

As the school clocks struck 2:22 p.m., Ms. Pringle and her class threw a two-minute dance party, wearing tutus, ties and stupendous smiles, for a once-in-1,000-year event.

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