George Miller Talks ‘Three Thousand Years of Nostalgia’ – Cannes Studio – Deadline

A few days after the premiere of his latest film, Three thousand years of nostalgia, director George Miller is ready to talk about what led him to tell his adult fairy tale. At Deadline’s Cannes studio, Miller said the glut of “so-called ‘content'” from streaming platforms and distributors desperate to engage viewers meant filmmakers had to focus on delivering films that offer perspective. unique. “You have to make your work unique in some way,” he said. “Otherwise, he has no chance. If it falls too far into tropes or patterns that it doesn’t bring something seemingly fresh one way or another, it just doesn’t stand a chance.

Cinema, he said, was changing, “And it’s changing faster than we ever thought. We have more so-called “content” than we ever had. There was a time when I felt like I would see just about every movie there was to see what was coming out. But that’s impossible now. Literally impossible.

Three thousand years of nostalgia is a 20-year project for Miller, who has tinkered with it around other projects such as his latest, Mad Max: Fury Road. But there’s little accident in the moment he finally ran the movie with, as Miller attempts to rationalize his own desire to be a storyteller. The film follows a literary scholar, Alithea (Tilda Swinton), and her encounter with a Djinn (Idris Elba) who tells her the stories of her long life. Miller said he saw himself in both characters. “A big part of me is at Alithea,” he noted. “And the Djinn represents living storytelling, as well as the effect of stories and their impact on the person who receives them.”

Miller also noted that he based the storybook created by Alithea in the film on the illustrated diaries of his friend Guillermo del Toro. And that the day he met Idris Elba to discuss his role in the film, he was on a trip to Loch Ness in Scotland for a DJ engagement. “About two hours [after we spoke], I got a picture of him, and he was sitting on a lawn with Tilda Swinton on her farm in Scotland. It was a nice coincidence. »

For more on Miller, watch the video above.

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