German Expat Wins $ 1 Million in Dubai Duty Free Raffle Draw

Officials choose the winning ticket to Dubai.

Gulf today, Journalist

2022 started on a high note for six lucky people today when Dubai Duty Free announced the latest winners of its famous Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise promotions in the raffle in Hall C of the international airport. from Dubai.

Mr Rolf Hartung, a 67-year-old German national based in Dubai became the first $ 1 million winner of the year when his ticket number 0176 was drawn in the Millennium Millionaire 378 series. He had purchased his ticket online December 17, 2021..

A resident of Dubai for twenty years, Mr. Hartung has two children and works as a director for Al Zahra Hospital. Whenever he traveled, Mr. Hartung would buy tickets at Dubai Duty Free, but given travel restrictions over the past two years, he has since returned to buying tickets online ( and was delighted and surprised to receive the call today regarding his US $ 1 million winnings

“It is not only a great joy, but a great honor. I’m really surprised, I never thought I would win one day. Thank you, Dubai and Dubai Duty Free, what a great start to the new year. he said.

Mr Hartung is the 7th German national to earn $ 1 million since the start of the Millennium Millionaire promotion in 1999.

Ms Tajinder Dhanjal, a 45-year-old Kenyan national based in Nairobi, who was also announced as the winner of US $ 1 million in Millennium Millionaire 379 with ticket number 1304, which she purchased, joins Mr Hartung as a millionaire colleague in US dollars. online December 31, 2021.

A regular participant in the promotion of Dubai Duty Free for 10 years now, Ms. Dhanjal is a housewife and mother of two.

“Thank you very much Dubai Duty Free! It’s a real blessing from God, I can’t explain how much I appreciate it. she said.

Ms. Dhanjal is the 3rd Kenyan national to win the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire promotion since 1999.

Today’s draws were made by Executive Vice President and CEO of Dubai Duty Free, Colm McLoughlin, Sinead El Sibai, SVP – Marketing, Mona Al Ali, SVP – Human Resources and Michael Schmidt, SVP – Retail.

Following the Millennium Millionaire raffle, the Finest Surprise raffle was held for one luxury car and three motorcycles. Rajesh Advani, Service Manager, participated in the draw.

Mr. Hashem Almousawi, a 63-year-old Kuwaiti national based in Mansouriya, Kuwait, won a Mercedes Benz S500 (Hi-Tech Silver) car, with ticket number 1298 in the Finest Surprise 1792 series, which he purchased on December 15, 2021 on its way to Kuwait after vacation in Dubai.

A regular participant in the promotion of Dubai Duty Free for 15 years now, Mr. Almousawi is a retired banker and father of two.

“I love Dubai and Dubai Duty Free. Thank you very much for this incredible victory! he said.

Mr. Prakash Lakshmanan, a 34-year-old Indian national based in Sharjah, won an Aprilia Tuono 660 (black / red) motorcycle, with ticket number 0309 in the Finest Surprise 480 series, which he purchased online on 3 December 2021.

A resident of the United Arab Emirates for 13 years now, Mr. Lakshmanan is a father of one and works as an offshore structure designer for an oil and gas company in Sharjah.

A regular participant in the Dubai Duty Free promotion for 5 years, Mr. Lakshmanan was delighted to win the bike of his dreams.

“I’ve been buying tickets for your promotion for a long time, happy to finally win. Thank you very much Dubai Duty Free. he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rajeshwar Padkanti, an Indian national based in the United Arab Emirates, won an Indian Super Chief (Black / Smoke) motorcycle, with ticket number 0343 in the Finest Surprise 481 series, which he purchased in line on December 10, 2021.

Mr. Padkanti is currently unreachable and will surely be surprised to learn of his victory.

Finally, Mr Saleh Al Shawa, a 50-year-old Jordanian national based in Dubai, won a BMW R 1250 R (Mineral Gray Metallic) motorcycle, with ticket number 0938 in Finest Surprise Series 482, which he purchased in line December 21. .

A regular participant in the promotion of Dubai Duty Free for over 15 years now, Mr. Al Shawa is the father of two children.

“Thanks for the amazing victory, amazing news for the new year.” he said.