“Girls Planet 999” Episode 9 Recap: Tentative Ranks Announced As Groups Reorganize

After the second knockout round, the groups changed in episode 9 of ‘Girls Planet 999’. The Snake team had 9 members remaining. As it only needed 7, two of the girls had to leave. Suyeon tried all the pieces but got none. The murderous part went to Xiaoting. Youngeun wanted to be the lead singer, but it went to Su Ruiqi who reached the high note despite the poor condition of his throat.

The Utopia team had 6 daughters left and only needed 6. But since Xiyin left for health reasons, the team was reduced to only 5 members. Yeseo was voted for the murder part. Bora had the main voice. Xingqiao lost confidence in Shana as Shana tried out the singer and cried. However, she got the role with Shana which was turned down.

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Team Girls Snake and Utopia Join Team U + Me = Love (Mnet K-POP / YouTube)

The teams of the creation mission

Only 4 girls survived in the U + Me = Love team. They needed 7 in total. They had lost the main voices and the girls selected for the murderous parts. Youngeun, Suyeon and Shana joined them as the original teammates cheered on them. But Suyeon was not confident as she had only put on fierce performances. The new girls tried to kill, Suyeon having obtained it. The Shoot team had 7 daughters and the team only needed 7. They also selected different games that worked in their favor and so they could resume training smoothly without reallocating games or excluding teammates.

Team Shoot meets Dayeon’s mom (Mnet K-POP / YouTube)

Teamwork mission to the planet

The girls were also able to go out on special assignments as they had to put on a show at their assigned destinations. Team Shoot was taken to a fan’s house. The fan is also Dayeon’s mother. She showed them to her daughter’s room with the girls leaving letters for Dayeon. They then performed ‘Shoot’ for the mother. Everyone had tears in their eyes when they recognized their hard work. And as a reward, they were treated to a meal at Dayeon’s father’s sushi restaurant.

The Snake team works on a farm (Mnet K-POP / YouTube)

The Snake team were taken to a farm. Their first assignment was to pick sweet potatoes with Wenzhe winning. For the next mission, they had to pick peppers. To keep things fun, Wenzhe asked the girls to show off their charms by playing and singing while completing their chores. Dayeon was also surprised as a Team Shoot FaceTimed from her home with her mom. The Snake team then played for the people of the farm singing “Snake” and a trotting song. Cai Bing then moved the girls to tears as he thanked Dayeon for leading the team and taking care of the older Chinese girls.

Mashiro is dizzy but she joins the U + Me = Love team on the bridge (Mnet K-POP / YouTube)

The U + Me = Love team was taken to an orthopedic clinic where they received massages for her joints. They then got FaceTimed Team Snake who got jealous that the girls were having a luxurious lunch after a massage while working on the farm. But then it was revealed that the U + Me = Love team was scheduled to perform on a narrow bridge at a height of 555 meters. And although Mashiro is afraid of heights, they walked through it without a hitch.

The Utopia team goes paragliding (Mnet K-POP / YouTube)

Finally, the Utopia team had to climb a mountain and perform at the top. As a reward, they then had the chance to go paragliding. During Yurina and Xiangqiao’s turn, there was a sudden change in the course of the wind. But after a while, they too were successful. The girls then bonded with Xiangqiao, mentioning that she was touched that Bora had learned Chinese from Wenzhe to help her.

Girls like Hsin Wei are shaken because they are not in the top 17 (Mnet K-POP / YouTube)

The intermediate classification

The day before the final performance, the girls got ready for the final rehearsal. And in between, there was a ranking announcement. MC Jingoo announced that after the next knockout round, of the 26 girls, only 17 girls will remain. The ranking of # 18 was then announced. These were provisional or temporary rankings that will change after viewers vote.
18 – Hsin Wei
17 – Minami
16 – Ruan
15 – Xingqiao
14 – Wenzhe
13 – Bahiyyih
12 – Young
11 – Yes
10 – Yaning

Xiaoting is No. 1 overall while Dayeon is No. 2 (Mnet K-POP / YouTube)

TOP9 interim

Girls ranked from 9th to 1st would be the interim TOP9:
9 – Shana. She is in the TOP9 for the first time.
8 – Chaehyun
7 – Su Ruiqi
6 – Yujin. She fell from # 1 to # 2 in group K.
5 – Yurina. She went from # 1 to # 3 in the J.
4 – Mashiro
3 – Hikaru
2 РDay̩on
1 – Xiaoting

Group J’s Hikaru and Group K’s Dayeon reclaimed their No. 1 individual ranking that they had when they first entered the survival show. Xiaoting has been No. 1 in Group C from the start. The remaining girls who weren’t in the top 17 were shaken up. Round three voting ends on October 9 at 10 a.m. KST (October 8 at 9 p.m. ET), and viewers are allowed to vote for individual girls. The 9 lowest-ranked girls will be eliminated regardless of their country group, namely groups K (South Korea), J (Japan) and C (China). ‘Girls Planet 999’ also invited viewers to suggest a name for the first group. Suggestions will be accepted for one week.

Sunmi, Koo-young and Juhee join the girls on a sports day (Mnet K-POP / YouTube)

Sports day

To lighten the gloomy mood, Mnet then posted a Field Day segment that took place before the 54 girls made it through the second round of eliminations. Tammy, Ririka and Bora were the MCs of the mini sports day. Sunmi and the dance mentors joined as team captains. Juhee was with Group C, Koo-young was with Group J and Sunmi joined Group K. The 1st match was the one-leg fight. Koo-young and Wenzhe started the match with Group K victory. The 2nd match was a tug of war. Group J won the three-way match.

The second match was between Groups K and C, the latter winning as Group K fell. The third game was a relay race. Group J won. While Cai Bing first fell, Group C caught up and finished 2nd. The final winners were then announced. Group J finished first and won fleece jackets. Group C was 2nd and got cosmetic sets. Group K was third and received monogrammed towels.

Girls play games like one-legged fight and tug of war (Mnet K-POP / YouTube)

Episode 10 preview

In preview of episode 10, we have a preview of the performance of the Creation Mission. Mentors point out that all # 1 girls are part of Team Snake. However, they were not happy with the team’s interim performance and Xiaoting’s singing. Jingoo then announced that the winners would get double the benefit points. And the next mission would be announced before the third round of eliminations. Episode 10 will air on October 8 at 8:20 p.m. KST (7:20 a.m. ET) on the Mnet channel and YouTube channel.

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