Home Circuit Adds New File ~ Pokemon Millennium

These days, Velan Studios has introduced a major update with Nintendo Mario Kart Live: Home circuit, which comes with version 1.1.0.

Is the main addition to the game Mario Cup, Which has three tracks and is included in other trophies in Grand Prix mode. Apart from that, the new map is now available “Super ageI ”with its matching horn; You can unlock these innovations by completing certain objectives in the Mario Cup. They then make a series of minor tweaks aimed at improving the overall gaming experience.

Below we leave you with a short introductory video of the new update.

The trailer in question will show previously unseen footage of the gaming experience, giving us a little glimpse of the innovations introduced by the new update. As can be seen, the new tracks have some strange properties, ie oil stains or barrels rolling towards the player; The last run of the race is characterized by prehistoric terrain.

Mario Card Live: Note that the home circuit is only available on Nintendo Switch from October 2020.