How to stay in control of your finances during the winter months

For many of us, preparing for Christmas can be a stressful time.

This is not uncommon, especially if the previous year has been difficult.

There is always the need to do Christmas special for loved ones, but it can put financial pressure to spend beyond our means, which can impact our mental health.

With many people at risk of going into debt this Christmas, it begs the question of how we can balance financial stability and our mental well-being. Indeed, a lot of people can feel more anxious that they cannot afford Christmas, and that can lead a lot of people to think payday loans. However, this does not have to be the case. Taking control of your finances and taking the time to manage your money can mean a much less stressful holiday time.

Here are the top tips for staying in control of your finances during the winter months.

Keep a budget in mind


The best way to avoid spending too much money on Christmas is to plan your spending and set specific budgets for gifts. Take the time to think ahead about what you want to buy, plan how much you can afford, and set a limit that you can’t go over. Sticking to this kind of plan and budget means you won’t find yourself in financial turmoil.

Make a list

Not the mean or nice type. Write a list of everything you want to buy and try to get it all in one store. Be clear, concise and have a little self-discipline so you are not easily attracted to another sale or a good deal. Many people find busy malls a source of stress and anxiety. Hence, you can still buy online as an alternative.

To show creativity

You don’t always have to be presents on the main street. Sometimes the most thoughtful gifts are handmade with love – they can also be some of the most sentimental. For example, you can create your own art like knits, a painting, or you can gift homemade packaged foods like jams, chutneys, or cookies. Being creative will also help you feel more relaxed and promote your well-being. It can be therapeutic for many people.

Think ahead

To help save you money, it’s important to anticipate and start planning for Christmas as early as possible. You can put money aside every month after payday to ease the burden of Christmas. It will also save you from depending on credit cards and loans.

Don’t spend when you’re not feeling well

Mental health issues can make it difficult to manage finances. If you suffer from anxiety or stress, or generally feel uncomfortable, it’s best to defer spending until you feel better. You’ll be less likely to spend too much money and buy on impulse.

Budget planner


There are some great tools out there to help you stay on track for money year round. Applications to budget planners. It’s also important to reach out if you need help. These could be friends or family who can help you avoid any personal anxiety triggers.