Huge Lego sale at Zavvi offers discounts on the Millennium Falcon and more for March Madness

Zavvi kicked off the weekend with a massive Lego sale, offering big discounts on everything from Star Wars to Batman. If you are based in the United States, free shipping is also available through special codes. You can see the full US sale herewhile the The UK equivalent can be viewed on its own page.

As part of the site’s March Madness Lego sale, these Zavvi deals offer $30 / £30 or more on popular kits (don’t worry, these aren’t dregs that have been deployed to clear the shelves of things nobody wants). One of the highlights is the Millennium Falcon set; he receives reduced to $129.99 instead of almost $160 if you use the code: MILLENNIUM. The same is true in the UK – over there, it’s £112.99 instead of £139.99. Considering how popular these Millennium Falcon Lego deals are, that’s pretty remarkable.

There are plenty of sets on offer in the Lego sale beyond a galaxy far, far away too. Lego Batman Batmobile Tumbler Dropped $30 at $199.99 (the snow £169.99 in the UK) with the code: BATMOBILEand the Friends Apartments complex also benefited $15 off if you type: FRIENDS at the register.

We’ve listed several of our favorite deals below, and they highlight some of the best Lego sets – such as the new Lego Star Wars sets – at prices well below normal.

Zavvi Lego sale – our top picks

If these don’t make you any money, be sure to check out the other deals we’ve listed through our price comparison software below.

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