In the time of the Khmer Rouge – The Wayne Stater

I feel bad about what could be a perfect day. The sun is shining and the wind lacks the ugliness we saw last week. It should be an occasion to celebrate. Still, I wonder if the day’s jokes are wasted on our species. Homosapien. We bask in the beauty of the world before reducing it to man-made lawns, ashes, golf courses and state-run prisons.

Indeed. We took a paradise and in a few centuries we reduced it to a dying celestial being. Of course, you can’t talk about climate change in this country without experiencing a tantrum from those who think the world is only a few thousand years old. These are the same guys who fought to keep the theory of evolution out of schools, and they are the same legion who would rather see children die in mass shootings than raise a finger at their lord and savior. , the AR-15.

Of course, this is only a model, but if I had taken the time to list all the weapons favored by the right, I would have hit my word limit, accomplishing nothing more than creating a bizarre and rather violent sexual fantasy for all weapons. crazy masses.

Owning a gun is one thing. Damn, I’ve fired a few in my life. The difference between us and them is that they prioritize the survival of the weapon over the life it helped take.

That’s unless your name is Rittenhouse. Then you and the gun avoid any punishment.

Ah yes, we have fallen into this rat’s nest, folks. The Rittenhouse trial is nothing less than a moral disaster. Without condemnation, we allow the nation to adopt a vicious sense of vigilantism. The nation won’t need a well-stocked militia, but instead it will simply rely on the mob mentality. Rather than organized and well-trained units moving under orders, we will have mad, roving death squads that look like something out of Escape from Los Angeles or the death fields of Cambodia and Haiti. America today would be attractive to the Khmer Rouge and the Tonton Macoutes.

If I find myself angry with this disaster of our justice system, I can’t say I’m surprised. How many times have we seen white gunmen apprehended alive? How many rioters from the Capitol left with a simple slap on the wrist? How many times have we seen the Brock Turners of the world get away with rape?

We are in the 21st century, and yet we still view race as a determining factor in crime and punishment. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor lost their lives. Rittenhouse is handled with the care that can be given to a precious object. Two may have been linked under questionable circumstances, but the other crossed state lines with one goal in mind: to take lives.

Sure, we might not be a nation willing to learn more about Critical Race Theory, but here we are, watching it in action. Another day in paradise on this dying planet.