Island Utopias nominated for Celtic Media Festival

Visions and dreams of how people would like the Isle of Man to look in the future will be presented at a leading media festival later this year.

‘Island Utopias’ was nominated in the Art Film category of the Celtic Media Festival.

The film was created by Sarah Mercer in the aftermath of the first lockdown and sought out ideas from ordinary people on how they would like the Isle of Man to develop in the future.

Many people were interviewed, local artists creating works inspired by the themes evoked during the interviews.

The film premiered at the Erin Arts Center in September last year, and at the time of the premiere Sarah said she was initially unsure whether the film would be screened in its entirety again and said she was surprised by the appointment.

“It’s amazing and totally unexpected,” Sarah said.

“I didn’t even think about registering the film in festivals, because it was not my intention, but it was at the request of Culture Vannin, because I created the project when I worked with them. for one year.

“This is something I produced to hopefully inspire the people of the Isle of Man.

“I submitted the film and happily forgot about it, until I got a phone call from Breeshey and James of Culture Vannin, saying they had amazing news for me.

“I am delighted, because it will help bring the film to a much wider audience.”

Sarah believes the strength of the film is in the messages recorded by people who, although expressed with the island in mind, contain many positive ideas that could resonate with many other communities around the world.

“The nomination showed me that the film contains a positive message that extends beyond the Isle of Man,” she said.

“While the people featured talk about the island and what they hope for in the future, there are themes and messages that people from anywhere, regardless of their size, can really relate to. identify.

“Plus, the movie has a lot of different appeal to different people, and it affected a lot of people in completely different ways.

“Some people loved watching the artistic process unfold, while others were moved or inspired by hearing people’s thoughts, read in their own voices.

“In the end, I would like to take it overall,” she continued.

“I hope the film being part of such a big festival helps me connect with the right people and find the support and, more importantly, the funding to bring the film to a wider audience.”

More information on the film ‘Island Utopias’ is available on

‘Island Utopias’ can be seen at the Manx Legion Club on Monday, June 28, from 7 p.m., with free admission.

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