jaisalmer: Investigation team discovers Chatras marked by 12th century pillars | Jaipur News

Jaisalmer: During a recent survey of the Thar geoglyphs in the district by the ERDS Foundation, the survey team discovered on Monday a chain of pillars forming a Chatra (an umbrella figure) belonging to the 11th and 12th centuries. The figure is not drawn on the surface like geoglyphs, but the connection points of this umbrella are marked by uniquely carved stone pillars, most of which are located close to the geoglyphs.
These conical shaped pillars decorated with auspicious marks of Kirtimukhas and lion shaped bells, are mysterious in nature with no clear purpose. A total of 27 such pillars were discovered by the team and when the GPS points of all were seen together they appeared to be part of a superficial umbrella design.
The survey team in charge, Parth Jagani, described that the team took the GPS positions of these pillars, which are over a thousand years old in appearance, located over a wide expanse of desert. They are placed several kilometers apart and the longest distance between the two points is 90 kilometers. They are connected to each other in the shape of an umbrella, which is very similar to the ancient design still prevalent in Southeast Asian countries. It is possible that an early Bhati king installed them to declare his rule and territory.
Yashowardhan Sandilya, INTACH’s Rajasthan environment secretary, who financially supported the investigation, said: “This is a very important historic finding by the team as it could be linked to the former royal family of Jaisalmer, the Bhati Rajputs are known as Chhatrala Yadupatis, where Chhatrala refers to the Umbrella bearer, as the family is descended from the Yadukul of Lord Krishna and possesses the celestial Meghadambar Chhatra, which was gifted by Lord Indra to Krishna. The image of this umbrella is still present on the old flag of the princely state of Jaisalmer and a 9th century inscription from Bauka of the Mandore Pratihar line also confirms the association of the Bhati family with the umbrella.