Justice League: the age of each main character

The Justice League is one of the greatest gatherings of heroes of all time. They’ve faced every threat the DC Multiverse has thrown at them and come back for more. No matter who or what they fight, they always end up winning. With a combination of sheer power, experience, and skill, no force can withstand the Justice League for long.

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One of the team’s biggest mysteries, as with many comics, is the age of the members. With DC, it’s actually easy to figure out, as it has been established that Dr. Manhattan pruned ten years out of the DCU’s fifteen-year timeline. Using this, one can get an estimate of the ages of the most important leagues.

ten The green arrow is near forty

The green arrow shoots an arrow.

Green Arrow has always been one of DC’s oldest heroes. It was often played as a joke, especially when writer Brad Meltzer referred to his baldness as the reason he wore the hat. By the time he became Green Arrow, he was already a well-known playboy millionaire, probably in his mid-twenties at the time.

Green Arrow was between twenty-three and twenty-five when he put on his costume, so he’s in his thirties. The youngest he is around thirty-eight and the oldest at forty, which is quite impressive considering his profession.

9 Black Canary is in his mid-thirties

Black Canary uses his canary cry.

Black Canary is one of the most powerful weapons in the League. She’s an incredible martial artist, and her canary cry gives her the extra punch she sometimes needs in battle. On top of that, she has proven to be an incredible leader and mentor to young heroes, imparting what she knows. She can handle just about any assignment and has years of experience.

As DC’s slippery timescale challenges her position as the Golden Age Black Canary girl, she’s somewhere in her mid-thirties, having started out as a superhero in her early twenties, possibly as young. than twenty years.

8 Martian Manhunter is centuries old

Martian Manhunter is one of the most powerful members of the Justice League, which says a lot about a team with Superman. J’onn J’onnz possesses one of the most formidable varieties of powers, and he’s used them on multiple occasions to save his adopted world. He is also much older than he looks.

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Martian Manhunter was born centuries ago. He was brought to Earth in the 1950s by Dr. Erdel’s transmitting machine, which caught him through space and time. So even though he hasn’t lived that long, he’s actually a lot older, as he was the equivalent of a middle-aged human at the time, putting him in his eighties or so. ninety years old.

seven Aquaman is in his early 40s

Aquaman New 52 cover.

Aquaman is one of the most powerful aquatic superheroes in comics and has been a part of the Justice League from the start. A founding member of the team, he was around twenty-five, maybe a little older, when he first became a hero. Add fifteen years to that and that puts the King of Atlantis in his forties.

Due to his mixed heritage, Aquaman is still relatively young for his age, but he definitely has the experience and curmudgely attitude of a man in his forties. He gained a lot of experience and it made him a great hero and king.

6 Hal Jordan is very immature for someone in their mid-thirties

Hal Jordan is one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time and he has been doing it for a long time. Another founding member of the team, Jordan was an Air Force test pilot when he got his Green Lantern ring. Assuming Jordan joined the Air Force out of high school, which is in his character, and he got the ring in his early twenties, at the age of twenty he is now in his mid-twenties. -thirty.

Jordan hasn’t really grown as a person all this time, which isn’t exactly strange for someone his age. He’s still rather arrogant and aloof, but he’s more than proven to be a great hero.

5 Wally West is one of the youngest League members ever to be inducted

Wally West has proven to be the fastest Flash over the years and it’s actually pretty easy to determine his age. Wally acquired his powers at the age of ten, a year, maybe two, after Barry obtained his. He spent his teenage years with the Teen Titans and was in college when Allen was killed in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

He was then eighteen or nineteen. So, given his age when he started and the fifteen year span of the modern DC Universe, Wally is in his mid-twenties, maybe a little older but not by much.

4 Barry Allen heads for the Middle Ages

Flash Barry Allen

Barry Allen kicked off the Silver Age of Superheroes by taking the role of The Flash and running with him. He was already an established medical examiner at this point, meaning he was a graduate of college and had been with the Central City Police Force for several years. His degree took at least four years, maybe more for anything more than an undergraduate degree, so he was probably nearing his mid-twenties when he joined the force.

Figure a few years after that and Barry is now comfortably middle aged. At the youngest, he is almost forty years old and at the oldest is over forty. The Speed ​​Force delays aging, so it looks younger.

3 Wonder Woman is hundreds of years old

Wonder woman in space

As for determining the age of Wonder Woman, that’s a bit tricky. His origin has been altered so many times that it often depends on continuity, with his soul being millennia older than his body in the post-Crisis Reboot of George Perez. At this point, most agree that she is hundreds of years old and has spent most of her life in Themyscira.

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She first came to Man’s World during WWII and has been there ever since. She has proven to be one of the most important heroes in the Justice League and is generally the oldest person on the team, although her Amazonian immortality will keep her young and alive for all eternity.

2 Batman is older than most people expect

Batman is one of the most impressive members of the Justice League, an ordinary human who fights against some of the dangerous villains. He’s also definitely older than most expect. I guess he left Gotham to travel around the world and learn things at the age of eighteen and spent about five years abroad, at a minimum. Add another year or two before he actually becomes Batman, then add the fifteen years.

So that should put Batman around his 40s but wait, there’s more. It was postulated in multiple continuities that Batman had been working in the shadows for years before other heroes showed up, so add another five years, at least, and that puts Batman between the start and the middle of the game. quarantine.

1 Superman may be older than you think

Cover of Superman and the Authority 1.

Superman is DC’s ultimate role model and for years most readers have simply assumed he was in his mid-30s to early 40s like most of DC’s current A-List heroes due to the sliding timescale. However, it’s also impossible to know exactly when Superman was born. A timeline for when Krypton was destroyed has never been established. He’s been established to be in stasis the entire time, so it’s entirely possible that Superman was well over a hundred years old in “real time” even though he only lived eighty to eighty. twenty years old.

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