Lady Gaga finds her inner showgirl and hits a fashion note

Lady Gaga’s wild outfits might grab some attention, but it’s a classic at heart. Always ready with a vintage reference or a nod to Old Hollywood, Gaga often transforms into classic archetypes like the bombshell, the femme fatale or in last night’s case, the showgirl. After completing three evenings at Radio City Music Hall, alongside her musical hero and longtime collaborator Tony Bennett, she stepped out in a winning Georges Hobeika Alta-Costura look.

As she walked out of the hall to greet the crowd of fans waiting outside, Gaga was dazzled by the custom dress, which featured crystallized silk tulle and silver floral applications that caught the light when photographers took his picture. With its plunging neckline, delicate straps and 3D ruffles at the hem, the dress is packed with details, reminiscent of all the costumes created for Golden Age actresses by designers like Adrian and Edith Head. When she got out of the building, the only thing on her arm was her music director Michael Bearden who joined her for a party drink after the show. As the duo made their way to their car, fans got a full view of one of the star’s most glitzy outfits to date.

The night also marked the first time that Gaga wore Hobeika’s designs. In his early sketches, he paired the crystalline dress with a feathered stole for maximum glamor, but in Gaga fashion, she kept the feathers white to pose backstage with Bennett. While it didn’t have the internet-ready allure for the memes of the Meat Dress or her iconic multi-layered Met Gala cape, the Hobeika piece captured Gaga’s current mood well. Plus, after knocking the house down, singing Cole Porter, and sabotaging him alongside one of the world’s greatest crooners, she deserved a look as captivating as her performance.