Leaked Skull and Bones Video Reveals Setting and Story

A leaked Skull and Bones intro video gives us a good idea of ​​what to expect from the pirate game.

As first reported by VGC earlier today on April 29, a six-minute video of Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones has somehow found its way online. The video feels authentic and generally provides an introductory look at the entire game as a whole, including how you begin your journey as an underdog with nothing to your name.

You’ll start with little more than a small boat, and the goal of Skull and Bones is to build your reputation and your crew to become the most infamous pirate sailing the high seas. This reputation is governed by a system called “Infamy “, which you can develop by doing in-game activities like treasure hunts and looting enemy ships.

The video also reveals that Skull and Bones is set entirely in the Indian Ocean, during “the golden age of piracy”. Well, you have to imagine it would take place during such a period, given that the Indian Ocean in this depiction seems filled with pirate ships waging war on each other.

It’s been an incredibly long road to Skull and Bones’ release, but now the end might finally be in sight. Earlier this year, Ubisoft said development was “going well” with the multiplayer pirate game, and expressed plans to release it soon after the end of 2022. It might not even be that long before fans are playing it for themselves, as Ubisoft announced last month in March that an “insider program” would allow gamers to try out the game well before launch.

In July 2021, Ubisoft announced Skull and Bones had passed the alphaa milestone in the beleaguered history of game development.