Legion of Super-Heroes animated series in the works at HBO Max

Bendis refers to “Legion of Superheroes Vol. 1: Millenniumhe created with artist Ryan Sook, released in October 2020 and offering a new iteration of the DC franchise. The collection includes “Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium” # 1-2 and “Legion of Super-Heroes” # 1- 6.

For the uninitiated, here is the synopsis for “Millennium” to give an idea of ​​what to expect:

A thousand years into the future, a new generation of young heroes have come together, inspired by the actions and lessons of the greatest heroes of the past. They are the Legion of Superheroes, and they’re here to keep the universe from repeating its past mistakes.

But by inducting 21st century Superboy Jonathan Kent into the Legion, they broke the cardinal rule of the United Planets: never play with time. Now they have placed themselves in the crosshairs of the powers that be.

The origins will be revealed. Secrets will be discovered. Friendships will be forged and broken. New Legion members will be inducted, including Superboy’s best friend Damian Wayne aka Robin!

And one thing is certain: the future is not what it used to be!

So there you have it: a new animated series “Legion of Superheroes” tops out for HBO Max. It seems like every other month there’s a new Marvel or DC adaptation, so Bendis is warning fans to be patient because, as the writer tells us, “the animation takes a long time. “. So stay out of daddy’s office and let him work, okay?