Little bear seen roaming the streets of Thousand Oaks – NBC Los Angeles

A small bear was filmed wandering the streets of Thousand Oaks just after midnight.

Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies on patrol spotted the bear in the Teardrop Court area and escorted it through an open space for nearly an hour without incident.

Bears have been spotted increasingly in residential neighborhoods, especially in recent weeks, likely to find food and water as the California drought continues.

At the end of April, a bear broke into a house in Duarte, forcing the family into hiding. The bear has ransacked the kitchen and moved into his home. He went through every room in the house before jumping into a tree and disappearing into the night.

In June, a Bay Area neighborhood filled with marine life and boats was stunned after a large bear wandered its streets in a rare sighting.

That same month, a mother bear and her cubs visited private property in the San Gabriel Valley. Fearing for the safety of her dogs, a teenage girl ran towards the bear as it sat on top of a ledge concerned about dogs and pushed the bear away. The bear fell back from the wall, pushing its head back for one last look before running away.

In July, a backyard pool in Glendale provided a much-needed break from the Southern California heat for a playful bear cub and his mother. The little dog was paddling in the pool while mum seemed happy to relax in the cool water. The bears stayed for about 10 minutes before moving away.

Although California’s bear population has increased in recent years and black bears are seen in areas where they were not seen 50 years ago, bear-human interactions remain rare, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. But just in case, the department has a list of general tips and guidelines to follow.